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How to get an internship in finance

Internships in finance
Making a good impression is key to landing an internship
By Harry Price

In today’s employment market, getting your foot in the door can be extremely difficult. You will often hear “We feel you haven’t got enough experience” or that they have found someone with relevant skills. It is very competitive and you will be up against people with a bit more experience than you.

How do you get that experience? For students straight out of university, there is the option of internships. In this setting, you will learn from experienced specialists in a professional environment. It is a very useful opportunity for a student to get a feel and have hands on experience in their chosen profession. However, competition for internships can be intense, especially in the finance sector. Knowing what to do to increase your chances of being taken on for an internship is vital and makes all the difference in being chosen over the average Joe. Acquiring an internship position may lead to full time employment.
Here are some essential tips that can help you beat the competition;

Check your resume/CV

An obvious tip. Sending a CV filled to the brim with spelling and grammatical errors will get it sent straight into the recycling bin. Ensure you have a proper format, with relevant and recent experience at the top and go back from there. Telling the truth is important as well, an employer can tell whether you are lying. Be honest, stretching the truth on previous roles can get you rejected. Include relevant experience employees frequently want to know and be prepared to answer questions.

Emphasise experience

Highlight any marketable skills that could be relevant for the position; writing experience, ability to communicate are all important for the finance sector. Remember, internships are also about learning, so emphasise that you are willing to learn new skills. If you find that you lack in experience, consider opting for volunteer work to build up a portfolio and gather references.

Network and research

Look into a firm that might interest you or that caters to your chosen career path within finance. Networking with people within the financial recruitment sector can be beneficial.  They can give you some guidance about which companies would suit you, or that are taking on interns. LinkedIn is an excellent tool to network, providing you with information and connects you to financial recruiters, who can keep you up to date on opportunities. Researching a particular company that interest you can help you at the interview stage. Knowing who they are, their strategy and the products and services they offer.

Internships happen all year round. Even if they are not advertising, it is worth dropping a company speculative email. Chances are, they might find you interesting and willing to take on as an intern. Getting that foot in the door and impressing them during an internship may lead to full time employment. Financial Recruiters have an extensive network of contacts and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge of how best to approach a firm with regards to internships. Click here for further information.

About the author: Harry Price is enjoys spending quality-time with his 3 dogs, training for the most extreme marathons and volunteering at his local charities on his time off

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