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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Money-saving tips: How to save money on video games

Borrowing video games helps test them prior to purchase
Money spent on arcade games is usually not recoverable
Short of buying extremely cheap bootlegged versions, a number of other money savings tips exist to save money on video games.

Whether a game is a console game, hand held device game or computer game, there are ways to save money on them, some of which are discussed in this article.

Not all the options for saving money may appeal to you, that's why there's more than one. So if you're interested in saving money on video games, consider the following video game savings tips.

Online shareware games

Games can be downloaded from shareware sites online. These games may be free and can include a wide variety of computer games, but might not include some of the ultra high resolution graphic adventure console games you're looking for. For tips on saving money on those types of games read on.

Game exchanges and used games

There are many places to exchange or purchase video games, both online and in plazas. Some even buy games or give store credit which you can use to buy new games. Video games stores and used game exchanges may also have cheaper versions of relatively new games. If you just want to try out a game first before buying it, a rental may be the way to go when seeking a way to save money on video games. The video below discuss ways to save money on video games via specific game exchanges:

Trading with friends

Setting up a friend network is easy and also helps save money on video games. To use the old standby for getting games that are too expensive to buy is to trade. Talking about which games friends are getting and which one's they want but don't have can coordinate game buying so one has a network of friends with all the best games.

Game version

Popular games often inspire the manufacturers to produce new versions with tweaks and graphic enhancements so they can increase their revenue. If you don't mind playing an older version it really isn't so much of big deal to not have the most recent one. If however, you don't want the latest and the best, try and set up an exchange with friends where you borrow and trade games. This increases your game access and skills while simultaneously saving money on the video games.

Program them yourself

Granted not everyone is good at programming their own games but some are. If open source code allows games to be modified, this can be done as well. Programming video games yourself saves money because it is free, educational and perhaps even profitable if you can sell them or start a business programming them.

Classic video games

Some classic video games are only made once, and these games may only be played on older Nintendo's or Sony Playstation systems. However, using these classics can save money on video games and other older games can sometimes be played on newer playstations. Some of the classic games that can be played on newer systems may be worth the while because they are so good.

Console games vs. computer games

Depending on what your preference is, games that are produced for both console and computer may not be the same price. So by picking the cheaper of the two, you will be saving money on video games just for playing on a different system. For the games that are better played with a television, looking for the games when they go on sale can keep the price lower.

In summary, it is possible to save money on video games. Games don't have to be bought new and sometimes even new games can be cheaper if the newer versions have already been released. Keeping a friend network for game trades and renting first to see if you like games keeps the cost down as well. Also, if you don't mind playing classics, don't sweat making each game you own brand spanking new. 

Depending on whether or not you prefer computer games, shifting to computer games from consoles may be more cost effective because you could find cheaper downloads. For the interactive guitar and dance games, keeping an eye out for store sales or newspaper classified ads, and online private for sale listings could land you that perfect game you've been looking for.

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Image license: Ernest Yale, Triotech Amusement, CC BY-SA 3.0

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