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Monday, February 21, 2011

When will I get my tax rebate?

The earlier you file your taxes, the more likely it is you'll get your tax rebate in the first fiscal quarter of the year than later. Of course, you also have to qualify for a rebate to get one and there are other factors such as how taxes are filed as some tax filing services provide instant refunds which are actually loans based on a projected tax refund.

Also, depending on where you live, and from which country your tax rebate is due, times may vary. In light of these and other factors this article will illustrate ways of helping you find out when you will get your tax rebate. A few of the ways to help expedite one's tax refund are listed below:

• File earlier in the tax season rather than later
• Correctly complete tax forms
• Send your tax forms to the appropriate IRS service center
• E-file for faster processing
• Utilize a tax service that offers tax refund guarantees and times
• Contact either the IRS or your tax service provider to ensure your tax documents have been processed

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

If you have already filed your taxes and your tax forms such as 1040 and W-2's have been received and recorded by the IRS, the IRS' "Where's my Refund?" page that is illustrated in the IRS instructional video below may give you a time at which you can expect a refund. In order to get this time several conditions must apply  the webpage must be working, you will need your prior years adjusted gross income and you will also need to enter your tax payer identification number. The IRS also has a toll free number that can be helpful with tax filing questions such as when you'll get your refund. The number for tax filing and refund related questions is 1-800-829-1954. Another number to call is 1-800-829-4477.

The Internal Revenue Service also has several tax processing centers and local offices throughout the country. Each service center receives and records tax documents from tax filers residing in specific areas. Consequently, sending tax documents to the wrong service center may delay when you receive your tax refund. For a complete list of local IRS offices and service centers, you can click on the following link or refer to the last page of the 1040 instructions for your correct service center location and contact information.

Tax filing services

The method used for filing taxes also influences how fast you can get your tax refund. For example, if you e-file, you could receive a tax refund in as little as 2 weeks without owing interest on an instant refund loan. Paper filing takes a little longer to receive a refund and may take 6 weeks or longer to be received, recorded and processed by the IRS. Additionally, the processing speed of one's tax filing service, if such a service is used, can affect how long it will be before one receives a rebate. In other words, the efficiency of the tax filing service can affect when the IRS receives the completed tax documents.

Time of filing and complexity of tax return

In the United States, the earliest you can file your taxes is in January. Filing earlier can be better because IRS employees may be less busy during the time period before the April 15th deadline. What's more, in January, the majority of people haven't filed their taxes and thus one has a better chance at a more expedient processing of tax forms.

Also, the complexity of one's tax return can affect processing time. Simple 1040's without a lot of deductions, additional forms and details generally don't require as much scrutiny by tax officials than more complicated tax filings. Wealthier individuals and individuals who incorrectly file their tax forms are more likely to be audited than correctly and less wealthy tax filers which also influences processing time and thus, when you will get your tax return.

In summary, you will get your tax refund sooner if you file your taxes correctly, send them to the correct service center, are not audited, file earlier and make sure your tax forms are received and processed properly. Depending on where one lives both in the United States and other countries, tax rebates may vary. The tips in this article are intended as a guide to assist tax filers in increasing their chances of receiving a faster tax rebate and in helping readers understand general time periods involved in tax filing processing.

In some cases tax rebates may be received in as little as 2 weeks of filing, however circumstances vary and if immediate money is needed tax rebate loans can be obtained by tax filing processors. These loans are not actually tax rebates and thus should be distinguished as such. Paper filing generally takes longer than e-filing to receive a rebate, and may take 4 or more times more time than electronic filing.

Source: htp://www.irs.gov (U.S. Internal Revenue Service)