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Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips for new sales people

Several techniques can be used to improve acclimation into a new sales job. Even though not all sales positions are the same, there are some largely universal sales tips and techniques that can assist many new sales positions. Below are a few tips that can develop your sales and marketing skill by helping make the most of your sales efforts. However, before discussing those techniques, the following video offers some helpful sales presentation tips that also serve as a good starting point for beginning a sales pitch.

Learn about potential clients

Clients are number one in sales because the success of your job is heavily dependent on if they buy or not. Think of your clients first, your product or service second and your company and self third. This prioritizes your sales efforts in a way that can bring results and leverage to your bottom line objectives.

Communicate effectively

Communication is a huge part of sales because what you say and how you conduct any sales effort determines how well your message is delivered apart from pre-designed sales information and scripts. Effective communication addresses a contact's emotions, schedule, needs, finances, interests and personality all at the same time.

Employ sales tools

Sales literature and tools are supplements to your sales presentations, but not crutches for a lack of sales delivery expertise. Start thinking of your printed information as a tool to highlight key learning moments and points in a sales script or presentation. This will help develop and deliver a stronger product or service.

Know your product

There's little point trying to sell something you know nothing about unless you're incredibly good at talking and connecting with people on an emotional level. Knowing your product is helpful no matter how well you communicate and helps you answer questions well demonstrating both professionalism and expertise.

Distinguish leads quickly

Time really is money in addition to effort. By being able to identify hot and cold leads quickly will save you wasted effort and put you in control of the situation. For example, an opening question such as "Do you know how your car can make you money?" both introduces a need for more money, and identifies the willingness or interest of a lead to both answer your question and communicate.

Follow up with leads

Potential buyers may be interested in a product or service but not so interested to follow up themselves. They may also be too busy or forget to follow up on what you have presented to them. Some leads may be entertained by your efforts and have no intention to buy so be precise and quick with your follow ups. Those that don't schedule a meeting by the second or third follow up go from warm to less warm.

Utilize company resources

Keep in mind sales encompasses a vast amount of product and services, so each new sales job is likely to have differences related to product or service offered, lead generation procedures, sales support, payment structure and so on. Your manager and company may already have a strong sales program in place, this can be to your advantage if you are able to merge you pre-existing sales techniques into their sales program. You can also improve your sales methods by learning from more experienced sales people at your company, and by consulting additional resources such as the following.


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