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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guest post: A personal review of Barron's Magazine - Reasons to unsubscribe from Forbes

By James Geddens

I have recently cancelled by subscription to Forbes Magazine and have instead started subscribing to Barron’s Magazine, simply due to the fact that I found it hard to keep up with some of the analysis.  The editorial articles inside Barron’s are extremely well authored and offer a superb perspective on what happened during the prior week’s financial world.  It also includes sections which tell you what is going to be happening during the following week’s stock market trading.

Get the latest stock market prices & tables

The Market Laboratory pull out section is essential too because this includes all the latest stock and bond prices for the next 7 days, although it can be a little bit too in-depth and you can tend to get this detail off the web anyway.  However, it’s still handy to have all the stock tables in front of you as one easy read.  Since making the switch from Forbes I have found that I have actually been able to read every single weekly edition of Barron’s.  It makes a change to having magazine piled up on my desk that I never get around to reading! 

Get invaluable investment leads like the professionals do

One of the other reasons that I subscribe to Barron’s Magazine is that I like to know what the business leaders are reading.  According to research, the average worth a Barron’s reader is $3 Million US Dollars.  Whilst I don’t have that much money, it’s still pretty cool to know that I can benefit from the same investment leads that those guys get each week.  Over the course of my subscription to Barron’s I have seen my own stock portfolio’s value rise by 21% as I owe a lot of that down to the advice that I get inside the different pages by the expert columnists.  A lot of the commentary in the magazine is also quite humorous and makes a change from the rather staid and stuffy reporting seen in rival publications. 

Value for money with up-to-date finance news

Barron’s Magazine might be quite expensive but it does come weekly which make the annual $99 Dollars subscription fee offer value for money in my view.  If you are an investor like me then you will already be aware of the importance of getting the most timely financial information – and Barron’s certainly seems to offer that.  Whether you want to know the latest oil prices, details on the latest corporate takeover, or what’s hot or not in finance, then it should tick all the boxes for you. 

No over the top advertising space

Another plus point to Barron’s is the fact that it does not have large and over the top advertising space on any of the pages.  There are a few ads, but these are always placed contextually and don’t interfere with your reading.  The ads usually blend quite well into the articles so you almost tend not to notice them. 

It’s like Forbes magazine but without the “fluff”

How I like to describe Barron’s Magazine, is that it is like the Wall Street Journal or Forbes… but without all the fluff.  You can either subscribe to it via post in traditional magazine format, or get it via email with a login to the Barrons.com website.  In the most simple terms possible I would say that Barron’s Magazine is a must read for people who love stock market numbers.  If you want to keep ahead of the competition and make better investment choices and picks then it could work for you.  Personally I love it and could not do without it nowadays. 

About the author: James Geddens is a 32 year old investment trader based in New York who reads Barron’s Magazine each week.  If you want to know more about Barron’s then you should click here for more info on this independent subscriptions website that hosts information about most financial magazines.