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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pros and cons of online securities trading

Successful and experienced online securities traders acquire wealth
Financial strategies assist with online securities trading

The ability to utilize expertise and resources to acquire capital gains is essential to the success of individual traders of financial instruments. In this sense it is the responsibility of traders to discern between poor and prosperous techniques and strategy. Numerous drawbacks befall even the best and most talented of industry experts. However, once a trader becomes experienced, knowledgeable, and refined in his or her practices, avoiding the financial pitfalls associated with online securities transactions becomes more possible.


A key factor that draws millions of people to online securities trading is the substantial opportunity to increase personal wealth. Monetary gains on well implemented trades often yield returns far above more conservative forms of money management such as federal treasury bonds. The potential to earn hundreds, thousands and even millions is possible via online securities trading and via several financial instruments such as spread betting on currency pairs.


A key benefit of trading financial instruments online is the acquisition of tactical knowledge and ability to implement learned trading strategy. Using brokerage tools helps develop awareness of the affects of market forces such as volume and economic events on asset prices. Furthermore, the trading process and simulations help acclimate brokerage account holders with the best trading mechanisms to use at specific times. For instance, in intraday arbitrage, knowing when to buy or sell using limit orders vs market orders and all or nothing trades, is important, if not essential to a well implemented transaction.


Another important benefit of securities trading is the value provided by online brokers. For example, discount brokers that only charge transaction fees and exclude commissions via self-directed accounts often only cost pennies on the dollar. Moreover, the larger the transaction amount is, the smaller the proportional cost associated with that trade becomes. In addition, a wide range of complementary digital tools such as a spread betting demo account assist traders learn how to make the most of their money.


Online securities trading is risky. The financial products are not typically insured and market volatility has a dramatic affect on the price of securities. When combined with leverage or margin, capital losses are multiplied and substantially lower asset worth if prices go the wrong direction. Reducing risk exposure entails locating financial instruments that have higher yield for the least amount of risk. Ideal risk management also involves allocating assets in such a way that overall portfolio yield rises despite any capital losses on riskier assets. To further illustrate the risks associated with online securities trading, the eHow video below discusses investment techniques that affect risk.


There is a significant learning curve associated with online securities trading. If trading platforms are simplified, they do not necessarily make up for a lack of market knowledge and experience. Moreover, most digital brokerage services provide glossaries, demonstration accounts and tutorials precisely because there is a level of complexity involved with the trading process. Not being fully aware of the pitfalls of online trading such as failing to use a stop-loss order, or using too much leverage on risky buy order makes it that much easier to make a small, but costly error.

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