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Friday, October 19, 2012

Blowing the whistle on corrupt organizations

We live in a complex world, and within that world, we are frequently confronted with issues and situations that define who we are. Whether a workplace situation where we form our own opinions or a more personal scenario where we may decide to speak out against a friend, confrontation is all around us.

When it comes to standing up for something we believe in, sometimes it is hard to work up the courage to stand up against others that may have differing opinions. However, by doing so and speaking your mind, you are set apart from the rest as someone with true values.

While speaking up for your personal beliefs may be an important characteristic for you, what happens when the issue at hand relates to an organization where the activities could be construed as illegal or corrupt?

Do you blow the whistle on the organization?

When larger, more powerful entities become involved the lines between speaking up and staying silent can become blurred. If you have ever heard the term ‘whistleblower’ before, you likely understand the individual issues associated with being known as a whistle blower. When an individual has insider knowledge of an organization’s activities, whether it is a work organization, school organization, or a sports related organization, taking the necessary steps to expose their wrongdoings can be a long, difficult and time consuming endeavor to embark upon. However, when you feel strongly that the wrongdoings of an organization need to be brought out in order to make changes, hiring a whistle blower lawyer is your best move.

What is a whistle blower lawyer?

An attorney that specializes in representing the strong individuals, known as whistle blowers, can take the necessary steps in pursuing the case by reporting the illegal activities. For the most part, whistle blowers stand up and call attention to the wrongdoings of an organization mainly because it is the right thing to do. When working with a whistle blowing lawyer, the individual that has pursued the case will be asked to provide any supporting documentation that will lend liability to their claims. Having documents help prove claims are legitimate and in situations where you are the underdog, the goal is to accomplish this without a shadow of doubt.

When the time comes to blow your whistle?

If you are ready to initiate a whistle blowing claim remember that, it is important to find a highly skilled and respected whistle-blowing attorney. These types of claims are extremely specialized therefore, having an attorney that is not fully skilled in the associated area of law, could be dangerous and jeopardize the outcome of the case. Blowing the Whistle on an organization takes a strong individual, and working with a legal professional is the biggest step you can take in order to make a difference so spend the time to research and select the right individual for the job.

Brought to you on behalf of Sidkoff, Pincus & Green P.C. and an author who prides herself on standing up for the right thing, Sarah Smith.