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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to protect the valuables in your home

Household property security
Smart home security systems protect valuables
By Katelyn Porter

You can never been too prepared when protecting your home from burglars. Unfortunately, you never know when your house can be under attack. With a few simple steps, you can go great lengths to protect your valuables in the event your house is broken into.

Small Collectibles

This depends on the size of what you are collecting. You can be collecting anything from coins to cars. With smaller collectibles, it's easier for intruders to grab them on the run. It's important to not just store these items in a dresser drawer, as this is one of the first places an intruder will rummage through.

Invest in a small wall safe. They can range in various materials, and can have a key or combination. Find one that fits your budget and needs. Small safes can be easily hidden for you to store all of your collectibles and small valuables. Hang a picture of the safe. Never tell your friends and family where this safe is. The less people who know, the safer your will be.


Tech junkies spend a lot of money on their electronics. If you don't take your laptop or tablet with you when you leave your home, you can purchase apps to protect the devices. Some of them have security camera apps that will snap a picture of the intruder. Be sure to set passwords for these devices, so in the event they are stolen, your information cannot be accessed.

For items like cameras, keep them out of sight when you are not using them. Leaving them in a window or on your desk can make it an easy steal. For larger items like your TV, mark down the serial number so you can give it the authorities.


Jewelry is another item that can easily be stolen. For jewelry you wear each day, it's fine to leave out on your dresser when your home at night. Although for nicer pieces of jewelry you don't wear often, you should take the necessary steps to hide it. These items can easily be stored in a small safe, and then you won't have to worry about misplacing them.Costume jewelry doesn't need to be hidden. So be smart about what you are storing in your safe. It will be more heartbreaking to lose $500 necklace than a $5 pair of earrings.


If you take a controlled substance, this could also put you at risk for a burglary. Different intruders have different motives for the intrusion, but in the end it comes down to money. Whether they are abusing drugs or selling drugs, controlled substances can get them money or a high. Keep these out of sight, especially if they usually left on your nightstand.

About the author: Katelyn Porter has been a victim of burglary in the past. After a result of the devastating experience, she has taken the steps to create awareness about protecting home valuables. She stores her US gold coins, fine jewelry, and important paperwork in her safe, and has invested in a security system.

Image license: Maria Morri, CC BY-SA 2.0