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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day: Financial news

AP: Drought level of continental U.S. has reached 60.1%
ZH: Stimulus funded corporate buybacks a contrarian indicator
MN: Recession possible despite Fiscal Cliff solution per economist
CB: Net impact of Superstorm Sandy not yet reflected in LEI
Business Insider: Economics blogger "always right" since 2005
NYT: Share prices ↑ day before Thanksgiving on low volume
Reuters: Pre-holiday online shopping ↑ 16% year over year
CNBC: Lower mortgage payments prevent delinquency
CNN: Mortgage rates on 30-yr loans fall to a record 3.31%
Fox: Possible port-worker strikes currently in negotiation
BBC: Eurozone delay of Greek bailout putting Euro at risk
Bloomberg: Intntnl. trade still at risk from China-Japan dispute