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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Five excellent jobs for extroverts

Careers for extroverts
Careers that involve extensive communication are suitable for extroverts

By Sandy Richardson

When looking for a job, jobseekers often think about the benefits, pay rate and hours. What many people do not consider is their personality. Certain personality types are better suited for some jobs than others. Extroverts are social by nature and enjoy interacting with people. They also tend to gravitate towards jobs that involve action or being outdoors. Here are five jobs that extroverts may want to consider.

Emergency medical technician

This field can, at times, be action packed. Emergency medical technicians assist people who are in need of urgent medical care. They are also a part of the first response team during an emergency situation. The position is one that is both mentally and physically demanding. The job is ideal for someone interested in the medical field that can take charge while remaining calm. Being an emergency medical technician can be a rewarding experience.


Acting is the perfect job for the person who is not shy and enjoys having all eyes on them. The career path of an actor can vary from one person to the next. Some actors take a path that allows them to become well-known movie stars, while others may take a lower-profile career choice. As an actor, having strong communication skills is important. Actors need to maintain a network with other actors and industry professionals. Networking can be the difference between a successful career and on that fizzles. Anyone that likes attention and can communicate well should consider acting.

Social worker

Social workers help people with their mental health and social issues. The position is challenging and involves problem solving and dealing with stressed out people. The job may also involve some level of confrontation with the clients in an attempt to help them resolve their problems. Social work is a job for someone that knows they are really good with people and truly cares about their clients.


An extrovert with a passion for cooking would do well as a chef. Working in a restaurant is fast paced and requires a lot of communication with fellow staff. As a head chef, supervising the entire kitchen is an additional job responsibility. So anyone that is a head chef would need strong leadership skills. This is another job where strong leadership skills come into play. Chefs constantly have to deal with customer implants. Adaptability is also important. The menu and kitchen staff may change frequently. A chef needs to be able to adapt to these changes.

Personal financial adviser

If accounting is for introverts, then personal financial adviser positions are for extroverts. These potentially lucrative jobs are a combination of worlds, numbers and people. Financial advisers work with clients to help them make financial decisions. People with good selling and speaking skills do well in this position. Listening skills are also important. Financial advisers need to know their client’s risk threshold and pay attention to their financial goals.

People spend many years working in their jobs. The amount of money and benefits are important considerations when choosing a career. However, job seekers should not ignore their personality types. Sometimes having an enjoyable job is just as important as any other job search criteria.

About the author: Sandy Richardson is a psychologist and guest author at Best Psychology Degrees, where she contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Online Bachelors of Psychology Programs.

Image license: RCraig09, CC BY-SA 3.0