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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Facebook permissions: What marketers need to know

Consumer and market insight are possible via Facebook permission
Facebook permissions determine how my information is used for marketing

By Roman Sahakov

Facebook permissions are an inbuilt feature of Facebook where user information is collected from various business applications. There are numerous external applications in which the user grants permission to provide all his social information to a marketing business to broadcast user's likes or any other information on the social platform and other relevant portals. This technique is basically used to buy Facebook fans for betterment of business.  

At the same time, it has been found out that the possibility of getting accepted drops by more than 15% when a user is asked to provide personal information such as email address, birthday, gender, or even access to his friend's list. Marketers must realize the importance of this aspect. They should formulate their strategy to get Facebook likes in such a way that neither the user hesitates to provide information nor he disapproves your business on a social website like Facebook. Marketers should keep the below listed points in mind before asking any user to access his personal information:

a.) Keep it simple - Most of the times businesses overlook the fact that user's don't like to provide all the personal information in a risky environment of identity thefts and hacking. To get Facebook likes, marketers should offer a wide range of choices to the customers. Suppose, a business needs only simple details such as name and email address. Then, you should leave the other fields optional for the user. This will considerably raise the chances of attaining more information than anticipated due to psychological factors. To sum up, this technique raises the level of trust between businesses and users.

b.) Always collect as less information as possible - You don't always need to know about the marital status, phone number, home address, or birthday of the users. Simply keep the information as minimum as possible. Their name and email address solve your purpose for most of the times. And if you want to buy Facebook fans by acquiring detailed information regarding their home address and phone number, simply offer them an incentive or some other appealing gift that they might find hard to resist or reject.

c.) Stay satisfied with what is available - Your marketing motives can easily be fulfilled through general information that is already available on Facebook. There is plenty of general data regarding gender, age, and location available on Facebook that will be required to finalize the marketing strategy in terms of promotions or contests.

d.) Entice them - Every user will find it appealing if he you offer something in return of their personal information. To get Facebook likes for your business or brand, you should offer the users something worthwhile such as free tickets to a movie show or discount coupons valid on your brand.

e.) Never steal Information - You always have access to the user's general information once he/she clicks on your business application. However, you should never steal any other vital information that might hurt their sentiments. Instead, tell them beforehand that you will access so and so information. You can very easily buy Facebook fans through this simple tactic.

About the author: Roman Sahakov is the CEO of Frozzo. The company provides both successful and newbies in show-business or in business-world with the opportunity to increase their popularity by buying youtube views. Roman leads his Frozzo marketing company with great wisdom and professionalism.

Image attribution: Sofiaperesoa; CC By S.A. 3.0