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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Funky modern home design with a smaller budget

bedroom design on a budget
Appealing interior design does not have to be expensive

By Naomi Anderson Whittaker

For those on a budget, do not despair; this post will show you how to make your home look funky and well-designed without having to spend that much!

Repaint and decorate

A good way to freshen up your flat or house is by repainting. You can do this to chairs, side tables, shelves, and chest of drawers. Get hold of some interesting stencils and paint over them in bright colours to create a statement wall. You can also revamp drawers by using a staple gun or glue gun to cover the front of it in fabric or wallpaper. This creates a fresh, individual effect.

Little touches

It’s the little things that make all the difference! A big, bright fluffy rug in the centre of a room instantly updates your house, as does a beautiful lampshade. A standing lamp in particular can really help a room, as can cleverly hung pictures and photos on the walls. It is also a good idea to decorate your house with flowers and dishes filled with orange peel – as it dries, it will make your house smell lovely. Tea lights and candles help too, and so do fairy lights. A beautiful glow really lifts a room! New, bright bed sheets always make a bedroom look better.


You can easily make a coffee table out of taped together empty bottles or rolled up and varnished card, and if you throw a piece of beautiful fabric over it, no one ever need to know what’s underneath! Make funky glow lamps by carefully cutting open a glow stick, pouring it into a jar or other glass container, adding diamonds or glitter, and then all you do is close the lid and shake! Improve a bedroom or living room by hanging up garlands made from tinsel, buttons, flowers, fabric cut into heart and flower shapes, or even popcorn! This will create interesting points of interest, and bring out a room’s inner funkiness!

Get it cheap

Make use of charity shops, pound shops, car boot sales, furniture warehouses, and even skips. You never know what you’re going to find. Remember that a wealth of cheap furnishings can be found on websites like Gumtree and Freecyle. Key pieces to look for are a house plant, a pretty footstool, stylish sofa cushions and throws, or even a glass top dining table – all can be sourced cheaply from the internet!

Be imaginative! Almost anything can be used to brighten up a home. Things can be borrowed, bought cheaply, or got for free! And always remember the impact that good lighting and modern soft furnishings (curtains, cushions, throws) can have.

About the author: Naomi Anderson Whittaker is a student who has to count the pennies. She’s going to show you how you can have a nice home without all the cost. She writes for Great Furniture Trading Company.

Image credit: ‘coco+kelly’; CC BY-NC 2.0