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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The world of investment banking

By Alisia Goodwin

Broadly speaking, investment banking is all about acquisition of funds by the banks and other financial institutions for their various clients. Underwriting, consulting, and management of portfolios are some of the other services provided by investment banks. For a lot of people, especially those who come from non-science background, investment banking is an attractive career choice. The only thing which they need to be good at is dealing with numbers. Of course an aptitude for finance is a must.

The job of an investment banker is not easy. He or she has to advise country’s most high-profile companies. This calls for stay abreast with ever-changing market trends. They have to be very good with their communication along with being a team player because generally a big team works for a particular client at any given time. They should have the gall to deal with risks and a substantial degree of risks is involved in this area as huge amounts of monies are at stake.

Investment banking consultants and their job

All companies who reach out for an investment banking consultant, they are looking for someone who is really experienced and can help them navigate their ship through markets which can be really stormy at times. The consultant should not only help them to manage their assets but also get them more financial capital. They advise the company’s managers about things like the best timing to issues IPOs or maybe about acquiring a smaller firm.

Most big investment banks are multi-billion dollar international players who provide a bouquet of services to their clients who are also very big players. The amount of money involved on both the sides is huge. One of the services investment banks extend to their clients is mergers and acquisitions advice which is for both domestic and international markets. They also give legal advice about the complications involved in this process and thus most good investment banking firms have a team of expert lawyers on board.

If you’re fresh out of a B-school, chances are that you will start as an analyst if you want to go into the world of investment banking. The position will be full time but you may not be confirmed as an employee and be put on probation. Working hours can be long and the work extremely demanding but in the long run this career is extremely rewarding in terms of money and perks.

About the author: Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for AcumenFinance a business banking company in Australia, which offers caveat loans and short term finance.

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