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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top tips for running a successful shop on eBay

Image credit: Leon7; CC BY-S.A. 3.0

By James Harper

Having a store on eBay is a great way to buy and sell items as well as interact with other eBay users directly; but how can you make your eBay store a success? Here are a couple of tricks of the trade you can try.

1. Your Item Listing

  • Before you start selling, check all the rules and regulations eBay has. They may have policies in place that could prevent you selling certain items.
  • Take a good quality picture of your item. Pictures are the biggest influence with how well your item will sell, so spend some time getting a nice, well-lit one.
  • Be specific when it comes to labelling and categorising your item. Include details like the brand name, the size or the original artist. Put yourself in the shoes of those who would want to buy this item, what would they put in the search engine to find it?
  • Figure out how you’re going to price it. Look at similar products on eBay and see how yours compare. Decide if want to choose a starting price for a fixed price, set it up like an auction or if you’d like to set a reserve price. You may need to factor in posting and packaging as well

2. Expand your selling options

  • Offer different payment methods, like Paypal for instance. Customers want fast and easier ways to pay and this is an ideal way to go about it.
  • If you have multiple items that are essentially the same but vary in colour and size, create a single listing with variations. This is a lot easier than setting up a lot of listins for similar products.
  • Don’t forget that eBay can be accessed all over the world. Look into the options you have and necessary requirements for expanding globally on the site.

3. Communicate with your buyers 

  • Learn more about your buyer. Look at their feedback profile where you can even see comments from other sellers. Also make sure you’re attracting the right kinds of buyers by selecting buyer requirements and using the blocking bidders and buyers feature if necessary.
  • Keep on top of your listings. Always have some form of access to a computer and your eBay account and track your listings using My eBay. 

4. Keep your buyers satisfied

  • A good reputation will boost your sales. Establish and maintain satisfaction with your customers and your will be seen as a trustworthy seller. If you don’t act the way that is expected of you as a seller, you could receive negative feedback from a bad buyer experience.
  • Provide an interactive and informative customer experience as well as reasonable costs and post and packaging prices. This will help determine you position on eBay’s Best Match.
  • Keep good practises as a seller. Be honest about your items and ensure that your customers receive their items promptly and with the right packaging. Keep an open dialogue with your customer, respond quickly if they have any questions and resolve any problems quickly. 

About the author: Written by James Harper for UK Packaging: the leading on-line suppliers of packaging materials in the UK.