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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to sell your home in a quiet market

Evaluate market conditions to determine the right sale price
Homestaging and low-cost remodeling improves the appeal of property

By Cormac Reynolds

Selling your home in a quiet market can be a little bit of a challenge, however as with anything, it’s not as hard as you may think to rise to the top. There are a number of things you can do to make your home stand out and to increase the chance of selling your home and better again, none of these tips involve lowering price.


A lot of us live in neighbourhoods where the houses are quite indistinct and where the idea of a custom design is not really a factor. Making your home stand out, helps improve the likelihood of it being remembered and it consequently selling faster.

Adding additional rooms or areas can greatly help sell your home and also improve the asking price that can be asked. Renovations of this sort are extremely desirable and can ensure you stand out from the other homes in your area. This can give you the edge in a tight market.


Cleanliness is partially godliness when it comes to selling a home. Removing the clutter from in and around the house can make it a far more endearing prospect for people looking to purchase. From removing some of the furniture in your home, to putting away photos and other personal items – you can really create an element of cleanliness and make your home all the more desirable. Even if you have to hire a place to store these items, it can be worth it if it means your home is sold faster. People want to be able to imagine themselves in your home – so the less that’s in it; the more likely they will be able to see themselves living here.


We all have a number of items in our homes that we don’t really like but have them anyway. These are often perfectly useful and respectable items and can be used to sweeten the deal. Someone else may be lured by that old fridge or kitchen table and it can make them potentially more willing to buy the home.

Short closes are also a great way to lure in a buyer, so if you can do so, then it may be something the buyer is happy with as they can move in faster. This is often especially the case for first time buyers – we all remember how eager we were to move into a new home and most of us would say that if you sell quick that would save us from having to spend dead money on rent.

Move in condition

Ensure that your home is in move in condition for the buyer. This means not only improving the curb appeal of the outside of the home, but also the underlying issues. Ensure that your appliances, electrics, gas and plumbing are all up and taken care of and that they person can move in right away. This can lure them in.


Finally, make sure that your price is competitive and that you take the other homes for sale in the area into account. This can be down to your estate agent, however a little research of your own does not go astray either – so do so. Now, all you can do is just cross your fingers and hope for the best when selling your home.

About the author: Cormac Reynolds has written a variety of articles for print and online about real estate and house sales.

Image credit: Michael Surran; CC BY-S.A. 3.0