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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top manufacturing companies poised for growth in 2013

manufacturing growth companies
An expaning global economy requires more energy
By Jessica Bosari

Manufacturing is returning as a strong industry, and because of that, several manufacturing companies are growing at a rapid pace throughout 2013. The United States is coming in close to Mexico and China for manufacturing growth, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Here are some of the top manufacturing companies in 2013.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC

This petroleum and coal manufacturer ranks as number one in the world. They are based out of the Netherlands and continue to pull in high numbers. In 2012, they had 51.83 percent earnings-per-share growth. Shell is a company known worldwide, and their dominance in the manufacturing market will continue to grow throughout 2013.

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is another manufacturer of petroleum products in the United States. Their manufacturing ranks second in the world, and they are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Their earnings-per-share growth is a bit lower than Shell, but they still sit high at 35.37 percent. Exxon employs 76,900 people full time.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp

China is the world's fastest growing market, and China Petroleum & Chemical Corp is no exception. This company ranks third in the world for manufacturing growth. It is expected to continue growing at a consistent pace throughout 2013. Their earnings-per-share growth is .98 percent with 30.97 percent revenue growth.


BP lost domination in the United States after the big BP spill, but they are now one of the top manufacturers in the world. BP PLC is based in the United Kingdom, and they have a 26.37 percent revenue growth. BP also brings in 382 million dollars per year.

PetroChina Co LTD.

The name tells you where the company is based, and PetroChina is one of the big players for manufacturing of petroleum products in the world. Their annual-revenue growth is 36.74 percent, and their total revenue is just over 318 million. PetroChina has an earnings-per-share growth of 3.95 percent.


This famous company is based in the United States and is one of the top companies in the world. ConocoPhillips has a 26.4 percent revenue growth, and their yearly revenue is 247 million. Their earnings-per-share growth is 17.72 percent. The year 2013 is going to be a strong year for ConocoPhillips if these numbers continue to rise.

Chevron Corp.

Chevron Corp is another USA-based company that is dominating the petroleum-manufacturing market. Their revenue growth is 23.61 percent, and their yearly revenue is 246 million. Chevron Corp is growing quickly with a 41.77 percent earnings-per-share growth.

Toyota Motor Corp

This Japanese-car manufacturer is becoming one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers in the world. Toyota specializes in well-made cars and hybrids. The demand for vehicles such as the Yaris is increasing their yearly revenue and growth. Toyota saw a 30.7 percent earnings-per-share growth last year, and their revenue was at 2.16 percent growth.

About the author: Jessica Bosari writes about the manufacturing industry for bearing supplier Statewide Bearings.

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