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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The relationship between physical and fiscal fitness

Personal health problems are agitated by financial stress
Wealth and health are clearly correlated according to research
By Shelby Warden

Imagine a perfect person with a perfect life. Are you imagining it? If so, you may have thought about things such as excellent health, loving relationships and plenty of money. We all have a different definition of what makes for a great life, but for most people, health and comfortable finances are a top priority. It turns out, these two things are closely related.

More money equals better health

A study by EARN, a non-profit organization that helps low-income families, showed that people with more money are healthier than those who have less. The study looked at data involving over 428,000 Americans and graphed information regarding their health, age and financial status. A very clear connection between health and wealth was demonstrated.
Education levels were also studied in correlation to health, and similar results were found. Of course, education often leads to higher income, so that is one possible reason for the connection, along with the fact that those with an education may be more likely to be doing what they love as a career. 

Unhappiness may make you unhealthy

If you wake up every morning dreading going into the office, you may be doing yourself in. Stress is very hard on the body, and it can lead to frequent colds and other illnesses that could potentially affect your job performance. Just as being unhappy at work can make you less healthy, being less healthy at work can cause you to lose money.

To prevent getting stuck in this nasty cycle, look for enjoyable work that can provide you a moderate income with plenty of room to advance, rather than a high-paying job that will surely make you miserable. You should also stay physically fit, as this can help your body deal with stress and make you healthier overall. 

The importance of health screenings 

When Americans don't have health insurance, they are far less likely to receive regular checkups, as medical care can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, many serious health conditions are often not discovered until it is too late. Even things as important as cholesterol, heart and cancer screenings are skipped by many, often resulting in a loss of life that could have easily been avoided. Skipping important health screenings may result in medical problems that could put you in debt and cause you to lose your ability to work in the future, which will set you back even further.

More affordable options

If you can't afford a doctor visit, consider visiting a private lab for your cholesterol screening and other tests. Many of these labs allow you to order your tests online from the privacy of your home, and one of the San Jose places for cholesterol testing I checked even offers home testing kits for your heart health. If you need medical testing and have been putting it off due to lack of finances, don't wait any longer.
Getting checked now will only cost a small amount compared to what you would pay if you were to become sick in the future. Get tested today and ensure that you will be able to continue working and building the life that you want for your future.

About the author: Researcher Shelby Warden writes articles to raise awareness of serious issues in our communities. People who want to go directly to the lab for health screenings can find a number of San Jose places for cholesterol testing. There are similar places all over the country that even provide nurses to counsel patients and make sure they understand their results.

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