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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4 ways to use data storage devices for marketing purposes

Digital data storage devices help businesses build their brand
Marketing with flash drives helps build corporate brand equity
By Saam Banai

It is advantageous to use multiple marketing techniques whether your company markets items exclusively to the business world or general consumers. After all, not everyone is going to see your latest print advertisement, and you also cannot rely on your Facebook page to keep your products fresh in everyone's mind.

As an alternative to print advertising, consider using popular data storage solutions such as flash drives and writable CDs. Almost everyone uses these products, so they provide you with the perfect way to give your clients a nice freebie that will help make your company more memorable. 

1. Make flash drives with your company's design

Flash drives are now available in a wide selection of sizes and styles, ranging all the way from options shaped like Darth Vader to a baseball. Because of this, it is easy to create a flash drive that advertises something specific about your business. For example, if you are a publisher, you could order flash drives that look like the cover of one of your most popular books. This will ensure that your clients keep your business in mind while they utilize their new flash drive.

2. Compile marketing materials on a CD-RW 

If you want to get your marketing message across in a flashier format, you can place an entire slideshow on a CD-RW. This disc can be viewed by your clients to help them learn about your latest products, and they can also write over the disc with new data after they are done with it. Popular Bay Area disc manufacturing services can help with producing many of these promotional cds, and, as long as your customers view your message before they reuse the disc, you will have gotten good exposure while also providing your client with something useful. If you do not want them to be able to write over your data however, you can simply use a CD-R instead.  

3. Hand out personalized jewel cases

Keeping CD-Rs and CR-RWs safe from scratches and other issues requires jewel cases or paper sleeves. Although the paper option takes up less space, it does not provide as much protection. Therefore, your clients are more likely to utilize jewel cases if they have them available. This provides you with a good opportunity because you can easily personalize jewel cases to include information about your company. By handing these out at the next trade show, you can ensure that several of your clients will think about your business on a regular basis.

4. Give blank discs with pre-printed logos 

Almost every business uses CD-Rs and CD-RWs, so it is a good idea to consider handing out blank discs with labels. It is important to provide your clients with space to write on the label, but you should also place your company's logo on it so that they always remember where the disc came from. 

Using data storage options is a great method for getting the word out about your company. After all, almost everyone will use a CD-R or a flash drive, and it is much more entertaining to watch marketing materials in a slideshow than to look through several sheets of paper. Therefore, if you are planning to distribute new materials or are looking for a good give-away item for your next trade show, you should definitely consider using at least one data storage option.  

About the author: Saam Banai is a freelance writer and editor and small business owner. Digital Copycat is a provider of Bay Area disc manufacturing services that will help turn your business's marketing campaign in the right direction. With experience and commitment, their professionals will help you create a quality product that will be sure to make an impression on all of your potential customers.

* Image attribution: Vadim Molochnikov; CC BY-2.0