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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How infographics make your company memorable

Infographics are used in marketing because they deliver information in a fun way
Infographics help differentiate business
By Marianne Ross
Being memorable is basically the most important factor for being successful online. It can be tricky to do this sometimes, but using infographics is usually a great way to get started. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to get your company’s message out there through infographics as long as you use a few reasonable principles and tools

They make you unique

The most important thing to make sure that you’re infographic makes waves and gets your company on the map, is to be unique. There are a ton of infographics out there that are all the same, and no one pays attention to them. It’s OK to say something similar as to what other people have said before, but it’s a good idea to try and say it in a totally different way if it’s at all possible. There are many tools online to help you do this, including sites like Visua.LY to do things like add infographics to maps. If people can click on an Infographic and get new results that are personalized to them in a way that’s unique, they will definitely remember the site.

They help you stay simple

The entire reason why people love infographics in the first place is because they get to the point so quickly. It’s important to make sure it’s easy to get to the bottom line of your infographic. People’s eyes will automatically drift in that direction anyhow. As long as people can see the bottom line, and it’s interesting enough, they will tend to actually read the rest of the graphic to see how the bottom line was achieved.

They help you stand out 

Standing out above the crowd is the hard part half the time. There are programs you can use that make this even easier, such as programs to help you create animated infographics like Videoscribe. You can even add music and voice over to your animations to make sure that your brand or company is memorable. If you make your graphics animated you have a much better chance of being memorable, however. There’s a good reason why sites like YouTube are so popular. People love animations and videos, and they will be much more likely to interact with infographics that are incorporated into such videos.

The important thing is to make your company seem fun, that is, to associate it with something fun or interesting so that people will be more likely to remember it. There’s always a time when people are trying to remember something, that only one phrase or idea comes to mind. If you make that time something positive, and make the association in the viewer’s mind a thrilling one that wows them, they will be much more likely to commit your company to their long term memory.

People might forget reams of paper on a subject, they may gloss over an entire screen’s worth of text online. But good images and effective infographics are the kind of thing they tend to remember long term.

About the author: This is a guest post by Marianne Ross, a freelance writer on business topics. You can find her articles on various blogs.

* Image license: Maid services; CC BY-SA 3.0