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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Managing debt during a personal injury lawsuit

Community organizations may provide personal assistance in the event of injury
Lenders offer forbearance programs in the event of personal injury

By Akilah Richards
After the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident, it can be easy to think that your sole focus should be doing your best to recover from your injuries. You have already contacted an attorney, and your medical care is covered, so there really are not any other issues to be concerned with.

If only that was true.

One of the largest problems that any injured person faces during their recovery period is financial distress. The loss of income and the added expenses can make this time in your life even more stressful. Knowing what you can do to reduce your expenses during this time can help you reduce your stress levels.

Talk to your creditors

Contact your credit card companies, loan companies, and other debts that you are making payments on at this time. Inform them that you have been injured in an accident and request information on any forbearance programs or reduced payment programs that may be available. Most companies do offer these programs; however, they do not necessarily advertise this information. You may be able to reduce or delay many of your payments this way to help you during your time of need.

Maintain communication with your attorney

Between regular visits to the chiropractor (or other medical professional), and making adjustments to your daily routine based on the extent of your injuries, checking in with your attorney may feel like yet another task. But whether you're working with personal injury lawyers in San Bernardino or Savannah, they'll likely tell you the same thing--maintain contact for increased chances of favorable results. 

If you get yet another medical bill from the emergency room, send it to your lawyer, then follow up with a quick call to let them know. If your chiropractor recommends two extra weeks of treatment, don't assume they've called your lawyers--you make that call to them yourself. If you get a new cell phone number because you've switched carriers for a better rate, be sure to contact your lawyer to ensure she/he has all your current contact information. It's a vital component, as the pace of a law suit can go from a slow crawl to a fast run, depending on your specific situation.

Research your rental car options

Renting a car can be very expensive. Make sure that you never rent one from an airport lot because you will be charged a premium for this service. If the rental company tells you that the airport is the only place they have any available, consider declining their offer and calling another company. Additionally, request the most economical car, rent it for a full week at a time to get the lowest rates, and look for “Internet Only” deals that can save you a considerable amount of money.

Combine trips when possible

Gasoline is expensive and you need to make every penny count right now. Try to schedule appointments to the attorney’s office, doctors office, grocery store and any other necessity on the same days so you can get as much out of a tank of gas as possible. This will also help you stay home and recover better instead of going out each day to accomplish a task.

Look for community services

There are many organizations that will provide help to those who are temporarily disabled from an injury. This help may include lawn care, providing prepared meals, local transportation, nurse’s aide assistance, or house cleaning. These services are provided for free in many cases, or at a considerably low cost. This can be very beneficial to you, especially if you are in financial distress from the injury.

Buy only what you need

Many injured people find that long days lying in bed recovering lead to long hours watching the shopping channels on TV. This leads to impulse buying and creating debt. With a reduced income at this time in your life, the last thing you need to do is go shopping.

Your recovery depends on you receiving the proper medical care and following doctor’s orders. It requires that you rest and recuperate, not stress over money. You will have some financial set-backs during your recovery. However, with a little effort, you can make these financial problems disappear.
About the author: Akilah Richards has worked as a legal assistant in various areas of U.S. law and shares informative articles on legal choices and resources so that people can make informed decisions about how to proceed in varying legal matters. Attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, personal injury lawyers in San Bernardino, work vigorously to assist clients who have experienced personal injury during an accident in or near San Bernardino, California.

Image attribution: Chris Potter; CC BY-SA 3.0 


  1. These are good tips. People can end up in financial distress for several reasons. I think that medical reasons account for a fair number of people who have expenses.

    The thing is, when it is due to something that someone else should have taken care of, there is more that you can do about it. When something just goes wrong-diabetes for example, you have to manage the costs yourself. However with proven personal injury and a good lawyer, you actually have less to worry about.

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