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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stock market alternatives for investors

By Kari Lloyd

When it comes to investing, most consumers think that the stock market is the only way to gain a proper reward for your time and efforts. However, you’ll find an assortment of investment opportunities for individuals who think outside the box and many of those can out-perform the stock market in today’s business world. As with anything, you want to thoroughly research the possibilities before departing with your hard earned income. The following are some unique investment opportunities that go beyond the stock market.

Antiques and collectibles

Antiques are long-term investments

Collectibles and antiques make great investments, but it can take numerous years for them to retain their value. Consumers who may have purchased a set of Star Wars action figures or Barbie dolls when they first came out for $20, can expected to reap rewards years down the road. This is especially true if the items are in mint condition. 

Antiques can be just as prosperous today, however the Wall Street Journal urges some caution as some expertise is required to take advantage of market mispricings.  Shows on the cable network discuss the valuable finds that many consumers make either at a garage sale, items stored in their home or pieces that they’ve found through antiquing. What was once thought to me $50, could turn into a financial treasure.


With the fickle economy, smart investors have chosen artwork as a way to gain financial income. According to CNBC, the art market is showing a significant inflow of cash due to foreign demand for art. It doesn’t offer the same type of compensation that you would expect to get through stocks and bonds, but it can still be a great resource in liquidity. 

Art pieces can be sold or traded in for other works with investment potential
Your investment portfolio is easy to expand by selling your current pieces of art for something new that has greater value. Before you begin the investment process, you want to speak to an art dealer and educate yourself in the ways of the art industry. While you’re waiting for the pieces to gain proper value, you have something to show for your investment and can hang the items on any wall in your home.

Real estate

Real estate yields via income and equity
The housing market has begun to rebound over the past couple of years around the nation and mortgage rates are still at an all-time low. With the variety of lending programs available, purchasing a home can make the real estate industry a solid investment once again. 

Whether you’re looking for a home to live in or rent out as additional income, you’ll find that this is one of the best times to purchase real estate. Some of the benefits in a real estate transaction can include deductible mortgage interest expenses, rental units that are able to depreciate a portion of the home value as a tax deduction, and your home and mortgage working as a buffer against inflation. Forbes reminds ust to keep age and investment timeline in mind as they are relevant factors when making a decision to put money into the property market.


Craftsmanship and durability add value to jewelry
With the economy and stocks in turmoil over the past few years, investors have been looking for other areas to put their money. Gold, platinum and diamonds have always been safe bets for placing additional funds, but it has been seen as nothing but good news during the course of the past few years. 

Moreover, with the rise of commodity prices such as precious meatals, investment of jewelry has the potential to yield a return. When selecting jewelery for investment, CNN Money suggests quality jewels of excellent craftsmanship have more potential to yield a return-on-investment over time.  Unlike stocks, jewelry has real value and isn’t affected by the volatility of the market. 

The stock market has continued with its dramatic upswings and drops, and you’ll find it to be an unstable place to put your extra cash. With the right amount of research and hard work, you can narrow down your search to find other passionate investments that can reap a proper return on your money.

About the author: Kari Lloyd writes on a variety of topics both on and offline, and has a particular interest in investing opportunities as well as jewelry in general. SuperJeweler, www.superjeweler.com, is one of the internet's premier sites for great jewelry at discount prices. In addition to finance articles and blogs, Kari has also been published in various entertainment and lifestyle publications.

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