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Thursday, August 29, 2013

America's push for foreign visitors to boost economy and is it working?

The U.S. tourism industry is supported by government measures to increase travel to the U.S.
Cheaper U.S. visas encourage more travel
Tourism and travel enrolls a huge amount of money to our societies no matter what country you live in. In 2001, America lost 30% of its revenue within the tourism and travel community.

There are several giant corporations that rely on the tourism market for their business and that much of a loss determines who will keep or lose their jobs. Therefore, in 2011, the American government issued a Task Force to emphasize tourism and attraction foreign visitors to boost economy levels within the American society.

Why is America focusing on foreign visitors to boost economy?

September 11th 2001, was a difficult time for Americans because of not only the loss of human life, but also the loss of tourism. The sheer drop of this market and markets that relied upon this market sent America spiraling down a pitfall of debt.

The events that occurred sent the country into a panic and strict enforcement on who travelled through America was applied to prevent anything like it from ever occurring again. This forced many tourists who regularly visited America into not being able to do so for a multitude of years. The aftermath didn’t finish until near 2006, when the unemployment level began to see a rise.

In 2011, the American government saw a way out of their debt through tourism and began employing a strategy for attracting tourists. During this time, it began to become increasingly difficult as countries that barred itself from other countries began to open up for tourism.

How is the federal government helping foreign visitors?

The American government has created several ways to alleviate the pressure that comes with visiting the United States. They applied faster screenings for those who have already been to America, lowered the price for Visa’s to America, and even funded services that directly applied to the travel to America.

This funding allowed airlines to sell cheaper tickets, provide world-class comfort, and ensured that tourists would enjoy their experience so much that they would make return visits.

Is the reliance on foreign visitors to boost economy levels on a nationwide scale working?

These methods and strategies are proving to work as the tourism market saw a 7% increase in total sales during half of the year in 2012. While still not very high, this makes the overall projection of what tourism sales will be by 2020 to become a reality as the bar has been set at an annual revenue of $250 billion and the 7% increase is equal to that of $87.1 billion.

Double this and you receive $174.2 billion and with eight years left to make the goal, it seems very likely that the American government will achieve their goal quicker than they plan to.

The strategy that the American government has applied to increase foreign visitors to boost economy levels has already begun to prove itself successful. Over the years, the government plans to unveil more strategies and plans to expedite the process but the strategy exhibits signs of working just as well without any further changes.

About the author: Noc enjoys keeping track of the travel industry and hospitality companies like Travel Advantage Network.

* Image license: US-PDGov