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Sunday, August 4, 2013

College degrees that are in high demand

A career in accounting is facilitated by an accounting degree
 A high demand for bookkeeping professionals adds value to accounting degrees
By Travis Ross

Different people go to college for different reasons, but the main reason, of course, is to help get a decent job. It goes without saying that certain college degrees are in higher demand than others when it comes to the working world. If you want to be a teacher, or you're just in college because you want to further your own education, then a degree in English or Philosophy is perfect. If, however, you're headed to school (or headed back to school) so that you can set yourself up to more easily land a high paying job, then the following are few degrees you might consider as alternatives.


Accounting is one of the most in-demand degrees out there. This is for pretty simple reasons: every business needs accountants. Furthermore, a degree in accounting is very diverse; because you'll have knowledge in accounting theories and software, as well as an ample understanding of finance, you'll be able to work for everything from businesses to banks. If your sole goal is to find employment immediately after graduating college, then accounting is a degree that you should very strongly consider.

Finance and economics

Finance and economics are degrees that, like accounting, are needed at every big business. These degrees also give you career flexibility, as you can choose to be a financial analyst for a business, or a personal financial assistant, and help everyday people correctly handle their finances, investments, and retirements. Because basic economic principles and financial theories rarely change, your degree will be applicable for many, many years to come. So if finance or economics is the route you take, there will almost certainly be a job waiting for you when your education is complete.

Computer science

Computer science is a highly in demand degree because of the range of tasks it includes. With a degree in computer science, you can do work as simple as being an IT (Information Technology) consultant for companies or as complex as being an actual computer scientist who programs and writes code. People on both ends of the spectrum are consistently needed in the work world, and a computer science degree is a nearly surefire way to get a job in technology.

Given how fast technology is changing, a person who is well educated in the field will nearly always be in high demand. So if you want to have an easy time getting a job, but want work that's a little more creative than working in the financial world, computer science may be for you.


Engineering always has been--and probably always will be--one of the highest in demand degrees out there. It's not hard to figure out why; innovation is the name of the game for successful business, and so companies are always looking for engineers to join their team and help them rise to the top. It's no surprise, then, that the number of jobs available for engineers is supposed to be even higher in the next decade than it currently is, particularly with the expansion of the biomedical engineering field. And with multiple different degree options to choose from (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.), you should have little trouble finding an engineering degree that suits your interests.

So if you're going to college with the hopes of finding employment on the other side, look no further than these degrees. They'll get you where you're trying to go.

About the author: Travis Ross, is a retired financial adviser who enjoys blogging in his free time. Travis hopes to provide career advice and useful insight into different industries. He suggests researching more on career advice and recommends services like the accounting jobs with moneyjobs.com.

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