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Monday, August 26, 2013

How to buy a USPS money order

Secure business transactions or purchases are facilitated with USPS money orders
The maximum value of USPS money orders is $1,000
Image attribution: USPS.gov, USPD-Gov

A United States Postal Service (USPS) money order is a finacial instrument that allows payee recipients of the money order to be assured the value of the funds is guaranteed. This is because USPS money orders are paid for at the time of issuance and cannot bounce like a check. USPS money orders to be sent within the United States have maximum values of up to $1000 and international USPS money orders have values up to $700.

Money orders from the USPS are a safe and secure way to send money via the mail and cost between .30 cents and $1.50 depending on the denomination and type of USPS money order. Once a USPS money order is sent it can be traced if necessary. For example, if a USPS money order is lost or stolen the number of the money order allows the United States Postal Service to track, cancel or reissue the money order.

By using the USPS services that accompany their money orders, payees can verify the authenticity of the money order by calling a special number at the United States Postal Service. This number is available at the USPS website along with additional details regarding the information discussed in this guide. Another advantage of USPS money orders is that unlike personal checks, they don't expire after six months.

Determine payment method 

USPS money orders can be paid for at the post office, but if cash is not used, there may be no way to purchase the money order at the post office without an ATM or Debit card. USPS money orders cannot be purchased with credit cards. When paying cash, don't forget to add the cost of the money order to the total amount needed; there is no additional tax included in the cost of the money order itself.

Go to the post office 

After determining how the money order will be purchased, a trip to the post office will be required. There are many locations throughout the United States to choose from, and they can be found using the USPS online 'USPS Services Locator' tool.

Request the money order 

At the USPS service desk a request for the money order can be made. The amount of the money order will need to be specified to the USPS representative so (s)he can print out the money order in the correct amount. If more than $3,000.00 of money orders is requested, a government identification such as driver's license may be requested as per the USPS.

Pay for the money order 

The USPS representative will require the money order be paid for either by cash, or debit. A swipe machine may be available at the service desk and an identification may also be required to validate the name and signature on the credit card if used.

Retain records

The USPS money order has a sender stub that can be filled out and teared off. Complete and tear off this stub from the main order and keep safe along with the transaction receipt. Purchases via credit card provide additional transaction records. These records are helpful for tracking the money order and documenting expenses if required.

* Image licenses: United States Postal Service; USPD-Gov