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Friday, August 16, 2013

How to save money on electricity bills

By Morgan Johnes

There are a few easy tricks you can use in order to save some money on your electricity bills at home.

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Why should you reduce your electricity bills?

There are multiple reasons why you should try to reduce your electricity bills. On the first place, by doing that, there you will be left with some more money, which you can invest in whatever you find necessary.

On the other hand, by reducing the consumption of electricity at home, you will make you small contribution against global warming, because this way you will help for decreasing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

What can you do in order to save some money from your electricity bills?

1. Replace the ordinary bulbs with some energy-saving ones.

It is true that the energy-saving bulbs are more expensive than the ordinary ones, but they actually pay off the investment you have made in them pretty quickly. The truth is that they are about five times more efficient and “live” about fifteen times longer.

2. Replace your personal computer with a laptop

Laptops are not only more convenient to use than personal computers, but they also will help you save some electricity, and respectively, some money.

3. Unplug your chargers

We all know that when plugged in, chargers actually consume some energy. And still, very few people bother to switch them off. Let's be honest that this may actually nothing, but if millions people start doing that, the benefits will be significant enough.

4. Start buying energy-saving devices

All electronic devices sold on the market have a indication showing what their energy class is. The letter “A” means less energy consumption, and respectively, less money spent on electricity bills. The least efficient devices are marked with the letter “G”. So, keep that in mind the next time you are buying some new appliances for your home.

5. Do not leave your appliances and other electronic devices on a standby mode

Before leaving the house, do not forget to turn off your TV from the wall outlet. This, of course, applies also to all other appliances and devices that you are not using. Remember that the little red light that indicates they are ready to use waste enough electricity.

6. Put the electric appliances properly

Remember that in order to save some money from your electricity bills, you need to choose an appropriate place for every one of your electric appliances at home. For example, you will save some energy if you do not place the refrigerator near the stove.

7. Try to be economical when cooking

There are some simple rules that will help you save some money from your electricity bill:
  • do not heat the hot plates in advance;
  • use pots, bowls and containers that are the same size of your hot plates'
  • choose a stove with a fan, because it reduces electricity consumption by almost 20%;
  • use a microwave when possible.
8. Fill your dishwasher properly

Remember that putting too many dishes make the dish-washing process harder. However, if you don't overload your dish-washing machine, you can turn it on a lower temperature, which will help you save some electricity.

9. Choose lower temperature when washing the laundry

Choosing a lower temperature mode is also recommended when you are washing the laundry. In addition, there are some washing machines that are provided with a certain energy-saving programs. If your washing machine is one of those, remember to press this button every time you use the machine.

10. Use the dryer as a last resort

A good trick you can use is to start using the dryer at the lowest temperature for about 20 minutes and then leave the clothes dry by themselves. This way you will not only save some money from your electricity bills, but you will also shorten the time ironing usually takes you.

About the author: Morgan Johnes loves to write articles about money and finances. His company End Of Tenancy Cleaners London has years of experience in saving money.

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  1. I agree with you when you say that by saving money on the electricity bill, people will be able to use the cash for other necessities. So, consumers should take steps to reduce the energy usage in their homes for a reduced energy bill.

  2. In order to save money on your electricity bills you should start using it effectively. Switch of the lights when you are not at home. Yes, you should buy energy saving devices that will fulfill your requirement and will save your money on electricity bills too. Electric heaters are used in winter time and if you are not purchasing a right appliance, then it can cost you more. I have recently replaced my home electric heater with Farho electric heater which is energy efficient. When you are using dishwashers, then remember that they are full then only use the device as it will save electricity bill.