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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New marketing techniques for SMB owners

By Michael Gal

If it’s been a while since you’ve last evaluated your marketing strategies, it’s time you took a second look. A variety of effective marketing strategies can help you reach your desired markets and achieve the greatest return on investment. As consumers change and respond to constant changes in technology, traditional marketing strategies are losing their edge. And as consumer preferences change, companies must rise to the occasion, using the most popular forms of communication to get their message delivered.

Voice broadcasting and mass texting are two marketing strategies in step with today’s technology. Here’s more on why you should consider integrating these strategies into your marketing platform.

Voice broadcasting gets personal

Business communication is made more efficient with voice broadcasting
Voice broadcasting helps business with bill collecting
When people think of voice broadcasting, they often associate the concept with an impersonal automated phone message. In truth, voice broadcasting technology has become much more versatile since its humble beginnings. Today, voice broadcasting messages can be customized and interacted with like any other person. Personalized messages you record and send to your opt-in call list provides a human touch, too. The rest is taken care of on your behalf.

This feature can be used for a number of applications like special promotions, customer satisfaction surveys, appointments and urgent updates. Automated reminder phone calls related to past due payments is another great use for voice broadcasting. After listening to the late payment reminder, message recipients can be provided options for making a payment over the phone with the need for being transferred to your billing department. However, if they would prefer being transferred to discuss any questions or concerns they might have, you can offer that option as well. Interaction also means message recipients can opt-out of receiving automated calls. Overall, voice broadcasting saves company time by eliminating redundant phone duties.

SMS marketing becomes a frontrunner

Mass texting or SMS marketing is another strategy that has been a major game changer for many companies. For many of us, mobile phone use has become an integral part of daily life. Many survey results show text messaging is becoming the most preferred form of communication over phone calls and email. It has also been shown that text messages have the fastest response times. In fact, 95% of texts are opened within five minutes of receipt. This is likely because cell phones are on us practically all the time.

With a text message, the recipient has time to read and respond to the message on their schedule, an important convenience for many. Another great advantage of this marketing strategy is its affordability. Each message costs just a couple of cents allowing you to reach a larger target market for a manageable price. Redemption rates have been shown to be significantly higher than those of TV, radio, and direct mail. ROI can also be tracked, using the responses received as an indicator of whether certain text ads are worth your money. 

Considering the preferences of your existing and potential customers is a huge part of making your marketing strategies a success. Not every message you send will be as effective on every media channel. In many cases it will also be important to create convenient and flexible options that allow your customer to reach you. A mix of strategies will allow you to accomplish both. With mass texting and voice broadcasting, you will be able to reach a broader audience and maximize your return on investment.

About the author: Written by Michael Gal, a social media marketing specialist representing CallFire, a provider of voice broadcasting and mass SMS messaging services. Michael produces content for businesses looking to improve their search engine ranking.

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