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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Should you invest in a wireless credit card machine?

typing on computer with credit cardBy Debbie Allen

If you have a business, there really isn’t a question about whether or not you should invest in a wireless credit card machine; the question is, which one is better suited for your business needs? 

As a business owner, your main objective is to make sales. In order to make as many sales as possible, it is imperative that you make it easy and convenient for customers to make purchases.

As the popularity of the Internet has increased, it has become necessary for businesses to have an online presence. More than simply having an online storefront, this offers a way of competing with other businesses. But if the business does not accept online payments, it will certainly find itself left behind in the dust of its competitors.

Consider before you leap

There isn’t a shortage of online payment systems. In fact, newcomers to the industry are being introduced regularly. But while most of the systems seem to offer the same or very similar services, there are some very significant differences in the plans offered and associated fees charged.

With that in mind, new business owners should be selective when choosing a wireless credit card machine. There are several things to consider before selecting a system.

Assess your needs and your options

To determine your need for accepting credit card payments, you have to first assess the needs of your business. Some businesses may need an account that allows them to get paid via transactions made from a mobile device or tablet. Others may want to accept credit card payments over the phone or via fax, and some may only be interested in accepting in-store payments.

Regardless of your current needs, it is also important to keep in mind future expectations. For instance, if your business will soon be exhibiting at trade shows, you may want to opt for services that can include on-the-go payment options.


After you know your business needs and what options are available, it is time to begin narrowing down those options. Do this by conducting research on the payment companies you are interested in.

Consider everything from the fees charged per transaction, monthly fees, and customer reviews found online. Overall, it is usually the company’s online reputation that plays the biggest role in determining if it is a good fit.
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Other things to look for

Accepting debit and credit card payments opens up new opportunities for a business. Almost everyone has at least one or two cards in their wallet, and those credit cards make impulse shopping easy. Merchants that accept online credit card payments know this.

Security: However, along with the benefits of accepting credit card payments come some responsibilities. For instance, it is imperative that the customers’ information remain secure and protected. Ensure that the payment system encrypts the information and protects it.

Also check to see that there are systems in place to protect the merchant; for example, the credit card information should be checked against the original credit card applicant’s information.

Compatibility: Keep in mind that some systems are only compatible with certain pieces of hardware. If you are already using a particular system that you want to integrate, it is worthwhile to double-check that the new system will be compatible with the old one.

Should you? It seems obvious that every business should have a way to accept online credit card payments. But before signing up with the first payment company that comes along, it is best to do a little planning and research. Careful preparation will result in huge savings and greater satisfaction with the payment system.

About the author: Debbie Allen is an online marketer and professional writer. This Kentuckian enjoys writing about everything from marketing strategies and payment systems to self-development and home and garden topics.

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