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Monday, August 5, 2013

The benefits of obtaining a BSN nursing degree

Nursing degrees are expedited via professional experience credit and heavier course loads
 A joint IOM & RWJF report calls for 80% of nurses to have BSN degrees by 2020
By Anne Rose

There has been a steady shortage of nurses in the United States as well as other parts of the world over the last decade, which makes the BSN nursing degree an in demand asset. An aging baby boomer generation is part of the reason why there is such an ongoing need for members of this profession. While you do not necessarily need a BSN nursing degree in order to get started in this field, it will help you to earn more money and advance in your career at a much faster rate. It will also provide a larger measure of job security as it puts you in a position where you qualify for multiple jobs in the nursing industry. In addition to that, you can expect to be trusted with greater responsibilities and more opportunities to build valuable experience for eg. Management positions.

Why study for a BSN nursing degree?

Having a BSN nursing degree will provide you with the newest skills and credentials that employers are looking for when searching for a nurse. You will also be in a much better place to continue your education and earn a Master’s degree should you choose to do so. There is no better way to prepare for the vast responsibilities you will have in community and inpatient settings, hospitals, elder care, home care, and more. You will also be more likely to be promoted to the role of supervisor which will allow you opportunities to make decisions on your own and be more independent.

BSN nursing degrees are four year degrees, but you may be able to earn yours in a shorter amount of time if you are able to take more classes each semester. During the first two years you will take classes on a wide range of subjects in addition to your core classes, while the final two years focus predominantly on the science and underlying principles of the field. Most colleges these days, even technical and community colleges, offer this program and an ever growing percentage is offering these classes on the Internet as well.

What to consider before starting a BSN nursing degree

If you are interested in the BSN nursing degrees that are offered online, there are a few things you should first consider. One thing is that although the classes can be taken from your home on the Web, there will be the occasional clinical requirement that must be taken on a nearby facility. You should also be sure to do plenty of research before settling on a particular school. This way you will be truly certain that they are a trustworthy institution. It would also be in your best benefit to find one that is close to where you live.

How long does it take?

It is possible to earn a BSN nursing degree in an expedited manner if you already have an Associate’s degree. RN to BSN and LPN to BSN degrees allow you to earn your credentials in as few as 4 semesters. They are typically designed for individuals who are already working in the field so they offer a more flexible schedule. Night and weekend classes are also typically an option. Once you've finished your degree find out which LPN jobs are available and what kind of salaries you should expect.

About the author: Anne Rose is a career counsellor specializing in helping students find LPN, RN and BSN related courses, jobs and colleges.

* Image attribution: Medical Travel Riga; GFDL, CC BY-SA 3.0