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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Think twice before forgetting about mobile phone insurance

If a mobile phone breaks the cost of not having it insured is higher than being insured
Mobile phone insurance replaces damaged phones
By Rob Rudd

Are you one of those people who looks at their bank statements and regularly culls the things that they don’t need? Magazine subscriptions, fruit of the month club and mobile phone insurance? Well, magazines and monthly fruit subscriptions you can do without, just go to the supermarket like everyone else.  But phone insurance, really?

You are right to keep on top of your finances and to make sure that you are not paying out for things you don’t need.  But phone insurance, now that you do need. 

We live in a world where accidents do happen. And if you are particularly clumsy, then they will probably happen a lot. 

Take these simple scenarios for example. How many of them have you been guilty of? Don’t lie, you will only be cheating yourself.

Phone in the bath

You’ve had a hard day at work.  You want to relax in the bath and unwind. As you sink into the bath and let the bubbles surround you, you reach for you phone.  Facebook has been calling you all day and you haven’t had a chance to update your status yet.  But, as you reach for your phone you accidentally drop it in the bath.  After you let a few expletives out you realise that your phone has switched off with no hope of turning back on.  Phone insurance would have been wise.

Crackle and pop

You’re out for a run. Phone is in hand and you are listening to some beats whilst you work up a sweat.  Next thing you know you have dropped your phone on the ground, and as you pick it up, you notice that the screen is cracked.  You can’t even make out how to call home let alone type a text.  Phone insurance would have been a great idea.

Drunk and disorderly

A night out with friends has been on the cards for a long time.  But in all the hype and excitement you leave your bag in the back of the taxi, along with your phone.  As you stumble through the front door you call the taxi rank to see if your phone has been picked up.  Alas, to no avail.  Phone insurance would have been a fantastic idea.

City slickers

The hustle and bustle of the city is what it is all about.  A busy day shopping, meeting friends and running here, there and everywhere.  Time to make a call.  But where is your phone? It’s been stolen.  A horrible feeling for sure.  But it will feel even worse when you realise that your phone isn’t insured.  Phone insurance would have been an amazing idea.

Mobile phone insurance is essential if you value your phone and your pocket.  Replacing a phone can be extremely costly.  Make sure that you take out the appropriate cover for your phone.  Chances are you have empathised with at least one of the situations above.  It can happen to you.  So make sure you do the right thing.

About the author: Rob Rudd is an experienced smartphone owner and has successfully both dried out several soggy phones and replaced cracked smartphone screens. He regularly writes for technology and gadgetry websites.

* Image attribution: ©A.W. Berry; licensed for use