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Friday, September 6, 2013

Guide to finding a good real estate agent

By  Morgan Johnes
The first thing that you will need to do when choosing a real estate agent, is to try to answer the question 'What kind of professional qualities is the good, real estate agent supposed to have?'. Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand whether someone deserves our trust or not. In this article we will try to help you by pointing out some of these qualities.

First of all, real estate agents have to show initiative, be social and honest. They should have analytical and flexible thinking skills. 

Quality of service is influenced by real estate agent knowledge and experience
Personal communication is essential
Real estate agents communicate directly with their customers. This automatically binds them to be able to understand the needs and the personal preferences of many people, each with their own personal characteristics. A lot of people, for example, do not know what they know. That is why they rely on their agent, who is supposed to treat them individually and help them. All actions of the good real estate agent have to be closely connected with the personal interests of their clients. All these are qualities, that are quite personal and in most cases you will understand during your partnership. However, there are some basic things, which are very important and you will definitely have to consider before choosing the best real estate agent for you.

Theoretical knowledge

When hiring a real estate agent, the first thing that you will have to pay attention on, is their theoretical knowledge of the basic concepts and the documents, necessary for the sale of a certain property. Each agent should have at least a basic idea of architecture and house constructions in order to be able to handle the architectural designs of the buildings. This is especially important for the so-called 'New Housing Construction' . Also, your new real estate agent has to be aware of the basic laws, related to real estate and all the necessary certificates and drawings. Moreover, he/she has to know all the details around these documents and identify the different estates, in order to extract maximum information.

The professional real estate agent never accepts sale offers on the phone

Proper real estate decision making is facilitated by a good  real estate agent
Situational preparedness is a key trait
Also, he/she should never make one on the phone. The personal contact with the customer is something very important. 

Agents always have to keep in touch with their clients (buyers), since this is the only possible way to understand their needs, help them make the right decision and offer appropriate alternatives to achieving the best result. They are expected to provide all the necessary documents and clarify the possible circumstances. 

Also, when making a deal, you have to be absolutely sure that your broker will give all their best in order to provide full assistance in terms of preparing these documents and satisfying your individual needs.

At last but not at least, your real estate agent has to be able to react adequately in every possible situation. This includes not only a proper communication with the customers, but also the ability to estimate the potential risks and come up with a suitable solution.

About the author: Morgan Johnes is passionate freelancer blogger and writer. He is keen on topics about business and finances. He currently runs Tidy Cleaning and he loves his job. In his spare time he loves to take long walks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this first-class piece. Very interesting ideas! (as always, btw)

  2. Hii Morgan, Nice post! I too have the same point of view, a good Realtor must work ethically and must be honest towards his clients. It is his duty to find a home or property as per his client's requirement. Moreover, he must be polite and professional by nature. Before hiring a Realtor we must check whether he is having all the above qualities or not.

  3. My suggestion to you this time around is to interview a couple of agents and work with the one you feel the most comfortable with.

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