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Thursday, September 12, 2013

HGV training opens doors to various profitable opportunities

High annual income makes driving a truck a more attractive career choice
Truck drivers have job flexibility
By Sarah Miller

Most people probably do not know that being certified to drive big vehicles like lorries and buses can provide various income-generating opportunities even when the economy is not performing particularly well. This was proven by a lot of men and women during the Depression era and the recent global economic slump; being able to drive a massive vehicle for transporting goods or people automatically expands their employment options.

While driving a lorry or truck may not be a particularly glamorous profession, the annual income of professional HGV drivers may be enough to sway those who scoff at the job. Statistical reports reveal that drivers with Category C+ licences actually earn as much as £40,000 a year, which is even higher than what a lot of today’s office workers who toil all day in a small work cubicle receive.

Worth mentioning as well is how a lot of HGV drivers claim that there are many perks to their job that typical office employees may actually envy them for. The first is travel — even really remote areas of the country always offer something attractive to those with the right attitude and an open mind. They get to see new places and even meet new friends in the process. 

The second is that most of them actually have the option to choose the job to take; there’s some flexibility with work, which is a nice advantage for those with families. The third perk is that transportation is a rather stable industry; there’s always a company out there that needs a reliable driver, and an HGV-trained and certified driver can easily edge out other applicants for the job – after all, those who can be trusted with a big vehicle can definitely be trusted with a small one as well. 

Lastly, HGV drivers who have a knack for business can create their own income opportunity especially if they have their own lorry or bus. Since mobile businesses like salons, bookstores, boutiques and restaurants are all the rage these days, it’s so easy for an HGV driver to branch out into another industry.

These great advantages are not all, though. There are still so many other cool opportunities that being a professional HGV driver can tap into – the possibilities are endless. It’s definitely no wonder HGV training has become an industry as well for there is a growing number of people who see it as the first step towards a more financially secure future. There are many providers for HGV training — Essex alone has multiple accredited training providers and it will not be hard to find one that offers the course at the most attractive price.

About The Author: Sarah Miller is a writer and a business consultant who has a good grasps on almost any kind of business. She believes that by writing informative articles, she can help lots of readers, most especially the entrepreneurs. She actually writes in behalf of http://www.nolgvbrokers.co.uk/.