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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips for saving water and money

By James Murphy

If you are concerned about rising energy costs at home you will be glad to know that there are a number of inexpensive ways you can keep your bills down. Although energy efficiency can mean a reduction in the amount of energy you use at home it does not mean a reduction in the performance and quality of your devices.  
water saving
Water saving shower head lower usage

There are a number of energy saving devices you can implement at home that will keep your costs down while retaining original output, and such devices tend to be inexpensive, easy to install and require virtually no maintenance.  

The best place to utilise energy saving devices is in the bathroom, as thousands of gallons of water is wasted each year and this is a big contribution to overpriced energy bills. One of the most useful devices you can use is a water saving shower head, but there are a number of things you need to be aware before you start browsing.   

What to consider

The first thing I would advise you to do is check what type of shower head is currently in use in the shower at home. Shower heads are available in one of two options, and these are either fixed shower heads or handheld shower heads. You need to check which type of head is in use as it will determine what replacement models are compatible with your shower.  

A fixed shower head is connected to the wall and you are unable to remove it while the shower is in use. A handheld shower head is connected to a shower hose which in turn is connected to the pipework within the wall and these devices offer the user precision cleaning.  Handheld shower heads are attached to the wall via sliding rails, and these can be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

If your shower has an overhead shower head then you may have difficulty finding a water saving head that will attach properly, although you should be able to buy an adapter for it.  If you have a power shower then you will not be able to use a water saving head with it, and I seriously recommend that you have it replaced as power showers actually use more water than a bath.  

Water saving shower heads

Water saving shower heads are very energy efficient and can reduce your water consumption rates by up to 50%, which will save you a lot of money over time. These devices utilise aeration to achieve water reduction without affecting original pressure or spray strength.  

Aeration involves adding air bubbles to the water, and this increases the mass of the liquid resulting in less volume being need to clean. As I previously mentioned, water saving shower heads are quite inexpensive, and can be seen as an investment thanks to the money they will save you on energy costs.  

These devices are easy to install, and are typically made from brass and coated in chrome, which prevents corrosion from occurring or lime scale building up. I advise you to shop at Agua Flux for shower heads, or another water saving specialist as this will ensure the devices quality.

About the author: James Murphy is an energy efficiency blogger with an understanding of the importance of reducing our daily water usage. James likes to spend his free time attending concerts and visiting art galleries.

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