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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home automation Vs. Alfred: Who is a better butler?

Save time and money in ways a butler cannot by using home automation
Home automation assists with 24/7 home security
By Lindsey Patterson

Bruce Wayne (Batman), is notorious for being one of the most successful men on the planet (fictional or real). After his parent's abrupt death, Bruce inherited his family’s mansion, the billion dollar company, and had the help of the ever famous butler, Alfred. With all of Alfred's expertise and loyalty it’s fairly easy to tell that Alfred is one of the best butlers on the market. Unfortunately for him, there is a new butler in town. Home automation is giving Alfred, and other butlers around the world, a run for their money.

So which is better, home automation or Alfred? Let’s investigate:

Home security

Home Automation: With a home automation system, you’re home will be under constant watch. You’ll have a home security camera installed, door and window sensors put in place and even automatic door locks. Also, consider the fact that you can control all of these aspects from your smartphone or smart device. Keeping your home and family safe has never been easier. Smart security is one of the best things you can invest in.

Alfred: While Alfred adds a bit of a personal touch to your home security, he can’t provide nearly the same amount of safety that a home automation system can. Even if Alfred decided to stay up all night to keep watch over the place, he would be groggy in the morning, and let's be honest, how long would would he be able to last without sleep? Yes, he can monitor the lights and even roam the halls to make sure everything is secure, but looking over the massive Wayne Manor isn't exactly an easy task or even very efficient with just one person.

Winner: Home automation


Home automation: One downside to home automation is that it isn't human. A robot, no matter how sophisticated, will never be as personal as a live butler would be. Sure, you can customize your home automation experience to fit your needs and routines, but it’s not something that you can interact with like you could with another human being.

Alfred: Everybody loves Alfred. He's loyal, true, and committed to Bruce, and even teaches him little life lessons to live by and to remember. Alfred has been like a father figure to Bruce, which is something that even the most expensive, personally tailored, or complex machine could never do.

Winner: Alfred

Climate control

Home automation: Technology has advanced so much that even from your phone, tablet or computer you can change the temperature of your home. If you’re trying to live more green or wanting to save money, you can adjust the heating/air conditioning even while away from home. You can change the temperature from your car, office, the airport, or anywhere else that gets a signal.

Alfred: Of course, the human butler can change the temperature in your home to fit your comfort and needs, but in order to do so he has to be in the home and he has to know exactly what you want, which can become annoying, especially if Alfred is no where in sight.

Winner: Home automation

As you can see, home automation takes the cake. With all of its features and gadgets, home automation can dramatically simplify your life, save you money and keep you safe. Don't get me wrong, a good butler is still a great investment if you can find and afford one. But until you find your perfect "Alfred", give home automation a try. Believe me, you'll be surprised that you lived this long without one.

About the author: Lindsey Patterson, a freelance writer who specializes in technology and the latest social trends, specifically involving social media. She is currently a social media advisor to Vivint.

* Image license: Alton; GFDL, CC BY SA-3.0


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