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Saturday, October 5, 2013

IDG survey highlights massive growth potential for cloud providers

Businesses hold back on cloud computing due to concerns about security, systems integration and reliability
Cloud computing growth potential is large
By Leo Hart

A research report recently completed by IDG Enterprises measured cloud computing trends for technology decision makers and its impact on business strategy and plans. The survey found that most executives view cloud computing as transformational to their business strategies because of its many benefits.

Cloud computing enables business continuity, greater flexibility, faster deployment and improved customer support. The survey found that only things preventing cloud computing’s enormous growth potential are issues of security, integration and governance. Once these challenges are resolved, cloud computing could become the new model for IT based on the positive effects seen by executives in the survey.

Cloud computing reactions 

The survey determined the reactions of those who have either experienced using the cloud or companies that are investigating the potential in using it. Most of those questioned in the survey responded that the cloud accelerated their business value through access to critical business data and applications. Many of the enterprises expected to increase their cloud computing budget in the next few years because of its strategic use of data.

The survey presented these benefits as having the potential to grow if challenges involving cloud and hybrid integration could be overcome. Access to critical business data could improve with better integration strategies and lead to businesses seeing even more positive effects of cloud computing.

IDG survey 

IDG’s survey highlighted the fact that cloud computing is most often used for collaboration and to enhance customer relationships. The applications benefiting collaboration were most of the first to be moved to the cloud such as conferencing solutions and email and messaging.

Another of the top applications currently being moved to the cloud was customer relationship management. Other kinds of applications are being planned for migration to the cloud in the next year or couple of years such as human resources, content management and enterprise resource management.

Key challenges  

The key challenges to cloud computing vary between IT and line-of-business but the survey identified three issues blocking cloud growth potential. For IT, concerns regarding security, integration stability and reliability and the cloud’s ability to meet industry standards were the challenges preventing growth.

It found that businesses who were concerned about problems with unauthorized access and the protection of their data were hesitant about implementing cloud strategies. There were also worries about making information available to applications outside the cloud as a problem with integration as well as the challenge of information governance and management requirements.

A positive viewpoint

The report completed by IDG showed cloud computing to be viewed positively overall by those looking into it or already implementing cloud strategies. Cloud computing has plenty of potential for growth if perceived challenges could be resolved making businesses more confident about security and integration.

As most executives are already seeing the benefits of cloud computing while completing the process of migration it is likely that the cloud will continue its steady growth in spite of some of the concerns mentioned in the survey. It is quickly becoming the preferred choice for IT as businesses implement and expand their budget for cloud computing. 

About the author: Leo Hart is a seasoned professional in cloud computing from the years of experienced he has gained working for Custom Cloud helping busineses by designing customized dedicated virtual servers learn more here.

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