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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The future of farming: Solar panel producers team up with urban farmers

By Bill Michaels

It’s no secret that there is an increased possibility of governmental oversight of agriculture. This is in part due to the perceived dangers that climate change has brought to light. With studies that show world farming activity to be a major cause of climate changing greenhouse gases, the authorities and environmentalists of all stripes have farmers prominently positioned on their radars. Not only that, the world's demand for food is predicted to skyrocket in the short, mid and long term. 

Agricultural practices are becoming more diverse as urban farming techniques are developed
As global population rises the demand for urban farming also increases

Farming is therefore a profession that can only grow exponentially as this world demand for sustenance mushrooms. Some will cower in fear at the very thought of such a scenario. Others are taking preemptive measures like developing urban farming techniques to bolster the world's food supply. 

Far-sighted communities are starting urban farms locally to advance the cause of a sustainable food supply. When they create and farm their urban plots, they are designing in solar technology. These urban plots are usually of varying shapes and sizes. Which are dictated by the often sporadic availability of area in cities for such projects. 

Unique designs have spawned from these unique requirements. Urban habitats with vertical farms are showing that with creative thinking and teamwork, groups can work together for the betterment of all. If you are looking for a way to invest your capital to further humanity and your pocketbook at the same time, consider investing in an urban garden or farm, or two.

The demise of the traditional

Today’s stodgy old fossil fuel based farming techniques are no longer acceptable. Because of the amount of greenhouse gases that traditional agricultural methods create, even rural farmers are looking to solar energy to power their transition to a more carbon friendly approach. 

The concern for the environment displayed by the agricultural community in making a change to sustainable energy is no face saver to garner favour with a Green-obsessed public. It is an outgrowth of their genuine concern for our planet’s well being, or lack thereof. Farmers know that they depend on the Earth as much or even more so than anybody.

So it is to their benefit as well as the public’s, that they employ the latest improvements in solar technology in farming. It will empower farmers to improve their bottom line while helping Mother Nature to get back on her feet. Farmers can reduce their expenses when they buy solar panels wholesale.

When it comes to clean technology, green companies are way out in front of the pack. With foresight, ingenuity and a tremendous business model, the company is dedicated to helping farmers rural and urban achieve environmental strides while remaining profitable.

Solar technology benefits

Urban Farming is a sleeper technology that will raise some eyebrows while it's upping incomes also. The whole concept screams anti-city, anti-social land grab to some. But yet, with the state of the planet in great risk due to global warming, scientists, environmentalists and others ignore the many benefits of urban farming at their own and the planet's risks.
Solar technology for urban farming:
  • produces clean, sustainable energy for the operation of farming equipment
  • reduces the need for importing fresh produce
  • saves shipping costs and other associated expenses
Solar energy is a plentiful option for a sustainable and sane future. Incorporate sustainable energy companies into your portfolio to promote this valuable and inexhaustible resource.
This clean technology takes many forms while providing its greenhouse gas reducing qualities.
Some of its many faces are:
  • solar water pumping
  • solar electric fences
  • solar water heating
  • solar heating
  • solar ventilation
  • solar crop dehydrating
  • solar lighting
The objections of some well-meaning local politicians notwithstanding, Detroit is motoring ahead towards urban farming to combat city blight and to provide fresh local produce to their "food desert". There's a berg that's in dire need of forging an alliance with a savvy solar energy vendor like Avic Int'l.

They assist in developing new ways of applying solar technology for urban gardening. Fossil fuel prices as always are more likely to go up than down. The free sustainable energy produced by solar technology in farming can no longer be sneezed at. Not with the encroaching effects of increased occurrence of mega storms like Sandy and Fujita Scale Category EF5 Tornadoes reputed to be associated with climate change.

Embrace clean technology for a brighter tomorrow

Don’t be glum about the bad environmental news, do something about it! Invest in wholesale solar panel arrays to power your own urban farm, vertical garden, outdoor lighting, you name it. The sky’s the limit with solar technology for urban gardening at your disposal. With government subsidies, tax breaks and lending institutions looking to add carbon credits, the future can be as bright as we decide to make it. Tired of being part of the problem instead of the solution?

About the author: Bill Michaels studied at MIT, majoring in Environmental Science. Mr. Michaels is an environmental activist of distinction in the USA, Canada & Australia. Touting renewable projects great and small to further the battle against Global Warming. As a steadfast advocate of sustainable energy, Mr. Michaels travels the planet in search of the latest advances in solar technology in action. 
* Image license: New Crops, CC BY 2.0


  1. It’s no secret that there is an increased possibility of governmental oversight of agriculture. This is in part due to the perceived dangers that climate change has brought to light. affordable solar panels

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