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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 8 IPhone and IPad point of sale applications

Daily transactions are conducted using point of sale apps
Point of sale systems influence workplace efficiency
By Damian Wolf

Having a Point of Sale system has many advantages over the traditional worker-behind-the-counter approach. A good POS allows you to do a variety of tasks like checking the inventory, viewing the sales history and managing different aspects of your store, bar or restaurant all on the same portable device that can also be used to swipe cards and email receipts. Having staff with iPhones and iPads also allows for greater interactivity, better efficiency and helps your business seem more modern and serious, which is something that can lure in the younger, tech-savvy crowd. Here are some of the best iPhone and iPad POS apps available right now.


Ambur is an app for the serious business owner that goes beyond simple tasks. The app is geared towards restaurants and allows you to manage various aspects of your restaurant from a single device form anywhere on the premises. Managing shifts, taking payments, running reports and charging credit cards using any major credit card processor are made simple with this comprehensive POS system. The app doesn’t work like classic credit card apps that charge a percentage on each swap – it has a greater range of options and no additional charges, but will cost you $999 upfront.


The GoPayment app comes with a free card reader that hooks onto your iPhone and allows you to take credit card payments quickly. It will cost you around 2.75% per swipe or 1.75% per swipe if you pay a $12.95 monthly fee. You can even scan the card with your phone’s camera if you don’t have the card reader by your side and still get the payment. The app is fully customizable and can also be used for recording cash transactions, categorizing items and accessing your transaction history.

Credit card terminal

Credit Card Terminal is a great credit card processing app that allows you to scan or key in credit cards. It is designed to make it easy for customers to leave a tip and enables you to send receipts in PDF format, with a map showing the location where the transaction occurred. A free credit card reader is included. 

Ma caisse

Ma caisse is French for My cash register and the app delivers on its promise to act as a quality cash register that allows you take customers’ orders, but it also allows you track sales, manage your inventory, create and print invoices and write reports. The app is easy to use and very functional.


AcclaimPOS is another point of sale app designed for restaurants. It comes at an initial cost of $99, but has no additional hidden fees later on. A great thing about it is that the data is stored on a computer at your restaurant, which means that all you need is a local wireless network and the app will work even if there is no internet. The app allows servers to enter the orders directly at the table, the orders are then sent directly to the kitchen or bar. It also allows the staff to check on inventory and specials in real time, which saves time. The app is geared towards enabling your restaurant to have a bigger turnover and enhancing communication between waiting staff and the kitchen.

Aireus POS 

As far as restaurant POS goes, Aireus is one of the most well-designed out there. It utilizes cloud technology which allows you to make ease changes and expand the system along with your franchise. The app offers features like splitting checks, separate checks, printing or emailing the bill and allows you to efficiently categorize your menu items, complete with corresponding pictures.  It is simple to use and the company offers a 45 minute online demo.


ChargeMe! Offers a quick set up and lower fees, due to the fact that there is no middle man to go through. With rates as low as 2.39% and the ability to swipe and process all major credit cards this app is a great tool have. Other options include collecting customer information, having access to full transaction details and emailing receipts.

LightSpeed Pro

The LightSpeed Pro app allows you to use an iPad to showcase your stores products, complete with detailed descriptions and several images that can be zoomed to provide the customer with all the information he needs. You can also enter customer information, perform inventory lookups, show the customers related products, scan products and serial numbers, redeem gift cards and print or email receipts. Equipping your staff with iPads featuring this app is a great way to increase interactivity and boost sales in your store.

About the author: Damian Wolf has been a writer and professional web consultant since 2009. He mostly writes about business, apps and lifestyle.

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