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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why entrapreneurs need to focus on getting quality sleep

Business decisions are optimized with proper sleep
Sleep hacks aren't always effective
Many entrepreneurs believe that they need to deprive themselves of sleep to be successful. They think that they need to work 70 hours a week before their dreams can come to fruition. However, more entrepreneurs are starting to realize that they need to learn when to take a break. You can’t perform to your fullest potential without getting enough sleep.

Sleep mistakes entrepreneurs make

Entrepreneurs often make a number of mistakes that keep them from getting the quality sleep they need to function properly. Here are a couple things that you will want to look out for:

• Sacrificing sleep

Entrepreneurs often feel like time is a curse on their lives. They have so much that they need to get done and only so many hours in the day. They often try to “create” more time by sleeping less. They realize that they will be tired and miserable, but they feel that the extra time they get in the day will make it worthwhile. However, this invariably works against them.

Everybody’s bodies are different. Some people need eight hours of sleep a night while others need six. Regardless of how much sleep you need, you won’t be able to function well if you continue to deprive yourself of sleep. You may be able to pull it off for a couple of nights, but your sleep debt will eventually destroy your productivity.

• Useless sleep hacks

Some people try to be smarter about it. They use a variety of sleep hacks to get less sleep and still feel well rested. One of the most popular sleep hacks many people tried was the Uberman Sleep Schedule. This sleep schedule involves people sleeping for ten minutes every four hours. This means that they would only sleep three hours a day.

Many people believed that they could feel well rested following this sleep schedule on a regular basis. However, more and more people found that their creative output dwindled after trying this sleep hack. They found that going back to a regular sleep schedule was the best solution. As a result, the Uberman Sleep Schedule and other sleep hacks are starting to lose popularity among most people.

Entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of sleep

Many entrepreneurs are starting to realize that failing to get enough sleep has affected their business. TaKeysha Cheney, the founder and CEO of The Women’s Book said that chronic sleep deprivation kept her from performing at her best.

Cheney came to terms with the problem after she heard Arianna Huffington make a presentation at her company. Huffington pointed out how important it is for people to take proper care of themselves. This resonated with Cheney and she since started focusing on making sleep more of a priority.

Make sure you get the sleep you need

Sleep is an essential activity for people to function. You will need to find out how much sleep you need on a regular basis and strive to get it over the long-term. Of course, there will be days when you need to stay up later, but you should make up that sleep debt when you can. You will feel better and be more effective at running your business.

About the author: Kalen is a health and wellness writer. He talks about different ways people can improve the quality of their sleep such as using a Sleep Number bed.

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