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Saturday, November 23, 2013

5 game-changing, environmentally conscious transportation companies

Environmentally friendly firms are developing energy efficient transportation
Green energy vehicles appeal to energy conscious buyers
We can’t get rid of transportation. Everyone needs a vehicle, or an airplane, in order to conduct business, get goods to market, or visit relatives. That’s just how it is.

While politicians and pundits are flying all over the world in private jets and large motorcades debating man-made global warming, smart, forward-thinking companies are doing their part to protect the environment.

According to the EPA, when it comes to carbon emissions, the second-largest source of greenhouse gases is the transportation industry.

But that’s only part of the ugly story. Transportation technology ads more pollution than simply carbon emissions. From the fluids that keep engines running to the rubber tires that have to be manufactured and exposed of, transportation alone has a massive impact on the health of our planet.

A large amount of national carbon emissions come from the transportation industry
Lighter component parts improve vehicle fuel efficiency

5 luxury transportation companies making a difference

Here are five companies that are doing their part to not only provide excellent luxury transportation services, but to limit the impact their companies have on the environment. As these forward-thinking pioneers increase the environmental standards on the rest of the transportation industry, other companies are starting follow their example.

1. Con-way Trucking

Con-way is a major trucking company, especially in the southern United States. With trucks being the most efficient way to bring goods to market, Con-way is leading the charge to higher environmental standards in the trucking industry.

To lower emissions and keep the carbon footprint of trucking fleets, Con-way practices slower speed governors on their big rigs, giving them increased mileage per gallon. They also train their drivers on correct driver behavior, which can reduce emissions from 5-10 percent depending on the skill of the driver. Engine Controls, Equipment and proper maintenance standards make Con-way an environmental leader in the trucking industry.

2. Brilliant Transportation

Brilliant Transportation is somewhat of a newcomer to the luxury transportation industry. They offer a fleet of, not limousines, but customized luxurious Mercedes Sprinter vans and minibuses. Each vehicle is decked out with connectivity and entertainment technology and all the comfort of the home or office.

Their environmental impact would be staggering if it wasn’t for their commitment to green technology and practices. Brilliant uses a revolutionary biodiesel, made of 20% used cooking oil, to power it’s fleet of luxury vans. Not only that, but they use waterless carwash methods to clean their vehicles between each use, saving thousands of gallons of water every year. Their dedication to green goes so deep they’ve even installed “smart” thermostats in their offices in New York and LA, to make sure office energy consumption is minimized to the maximum.

Brilliant is leading the way for luxury transportation companies to drastically shrink carbon footprints, but the impact luxury transportation has on mother earth altogether.

3. Tesla Motors

Tesla has become a famous name over recent years with their initiative to not only create environmentally friendly cars, but to do so on the high-end, high-performance market. They’re not about making the cheapest electric car available, they want to make the best, most luxurious vehicles and at the same time save the planet.

This company is rather young, but their impact on transportation, innovation, and green transportation technology is going to change the game over the next few years.

4. General Electric Aviation

GE Aviation has recently broken ground on a new facility in North Carolina where they will work to produce a new aircraft engine material technology called Ceramic Matrix Composite. According to GE, a jet engine constructed of CMC can reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

Imagine the impact this technology will have in the future if each jet engine consumed 15% less fuel. The savings on fuel would be substantial but the savings on the environment could mean much more to future generations.

5. Segway Inc

While their ground breaking balancing Segway has been relegated to tourists, meter maids and mall cops, Segway still have some impressive technology on their hands. Their personal transportation options deliver astounding energy efficiency clocking in a whopping 450 miles per gallon.

If you can’t ride a bike or walk to work, try hopping on one of Segway’s machines. If you’re real adventurous, you’ll be able to travel from Oklahoma to Seattle on the energy equivalent of 6 gallons of fuel. You may want to wait until summer though.

We have a long way to go

While none of these companies are single-handedly solving the problem of pollution, they are industry leaders that are working to change the way we get from point A to point B while having as little impact on our planet as possible.

As more companies fall in behind these leaders, the positive impact on current greenhouse emissions, and other forms of pollution, will steadily decrease.

While we still have a long way to go before we reach an environmentally neutral, industrialized world, you’ve got to start somewhere. These five companies are starting us off on the right foot.

 About the author: Ryan Scott, a writer based in Seattle, enjoys finding ways to connect with an audience, build positive relationships and make a positive impact on the world around him.  You can find him on Google Plus and Twitter.

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