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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A few benefits and drawbacks of mobile point of sale

By David Turner

Many business owners may be considering the move to a less traditional point of sale system. The introduction of mobile point of sale solutions that operate through our smart phones and tablets has begun to change the face of the retail game all over the world. There are some definite potential benefits to utilizing a system of this nature, but there may be some drawbacks too.

Mobile point of sales add flexibility to business operations
Mobile commerce expands business POS locations

If you are considering the switch, it may serve you well to consider the pro's and con's of utilizing a system of this nature before making your final decision. An iPad point of sale system may be a better fit for some businesses than others.


Staff members are not necessarily tied down to one check out spot any longer. Should you choose to operate in a more "traditional" retail setting with cash registers at the front, you have the freedom to do so. However, with an iPad point of sale system, you also have the freedom to allow your staff to move about the establishment. Staff can do more than just check customers out with an iPad POS. Now inventory and other business related reports can be accessed from one mobile application all while roaming the store and interacting with customers as needed.


Many customers are concerned with the security of their private and personal information these days. With cyber crimes and identity theft on the rise, these concerns may continue to grow in some people. For those that are aware of how an iPad point of sale system works, they may have concerns with their information being transmitted via Internet connection, despite the number of security measures that have been put in place in order to protect them. Business owners making the move to an iPad POS may find themselves having to overcome these concerns with some customers.


An iPad point of sale system is generally easy to install, set up, and use even if you are not a technically proficient individual. Traditional point of sale systems often require specialized hard line data connections as well as intricate and difficult installations. An iPad POS is so simple to set up, practically anybody can do it without assistance. And they operate on a wireless Internet connection requiring no specialized hard line data connection points to be installed.  This can not only save you time, but also avoid the hassle and money that may be involved with installing these older systems.


iPad POS systems do not require the installation of special data lines because they operate over a wireless Internet connection that can be set up by practically anybody. Anybody that has ever relied on an Internet connection however, can tell you that you will inevitably run into a connection issue of some kind. These connection failures can crop up at the worst possible times and can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours, or even days. While this is not a failure on the part of the iPad point of sale system itself, its reliance on potentially unreliable Internet connections should certainly be taken into account. A backup plan may not be a bad idea, just to be on the safe side.

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About the author: This article was contributed by David Turner, a small business owner in Wichita, Kansas.

Image license: Jonathan Waller, Creative Commons


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