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Friday, December 27, 2013

Great examples of successful business branding

By Beth Stubbings

With the desire to create a streamlined business, some owners and entrepreneurs may be tempted to overlook certain areas in order focus on others. This is often common with established companies that are hoping to reduce their expenses and can often result in lack of attention being paid to marketing and branding efforts.

Rather than place focus on marketing their company, some hope to attract customers via word-of-mouth and recommendations, which unfortunately does not mean that a business is guaranteed success in this global age. With internet being a powerful form of interaction, communication and trade, businesses need to create a strong brand for themselves both on and offline in order to achieve the level of success that they desire. For those who are reluctant to invest, here are three examples of successful branding that proves how powerful a marketing tool it is.

Personal branding

Personal branding adds value to a product or service
Personal branding costs less
A great and current example of the positive effect of personal branding in regards to sales is the recent release of Beyoncé’s self-titled album. Quietly released with no publicity, Beyoncé dominated iTunes when she released her album exclusively to the MP3 platform on the 13th November. Sales of the digital album reached 80,000 copies in two days and is currently being hailed as one of the bravest marketing moves by a prominent pop artist and business person.

Although no marketing or PR was used to promote the release, Beyoncé as a personal brand was the reason sales rocketed so quickly and the album has been so instantly successful. Without the years of publicity, tours and reputation building, Beyoncé’s fifth studio album would not have had as big an impact or be as successful as it currently is. Entrepreneurs looking to create a personal brand can take inspiration from Beyoncé’s recent achievements and as proof of the importance of branding and reputation building in regards to increasing sales and profits.

Product branding

Apple Inc. have managed to make themselves the global leaders in innovative technology due to their creative marketing and branding techniques. Over the years, product launches and press releases from Apple have become internationally important events that create media fervour and intensive profits. With these events relying on the same minimalistic style of their product design, focus revolves near exclusively around the item of discussion. Their creation of excitement and use of simplistic product branding has pushed them to become the leaders of their industry, despite not necessarily offering the greatest or most revolutionary technology.

Officially the most successful company in the world, Apple’s products regularly top wish lists of both consumers and businesses thanks to their branding. In fact, their iPads have become such a successful product that other businesses now look to exclusively use Apple products in a bid to improve their own branding. Growing businesses can learn from Apple that stock can become widely popular and sales vastly boosted with help from product branding.

Marketing strategy makes use of brand building
Successful branding integrates multiple business functions

Service branding

A bold move by the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam has seen it market itself as ‘The Worst Hotel in The World’ in a bid to increase customer interest and bookings. The cheapest hotel in Amsterdam, the Hans Brinker is not as terrible as its campaign shows, but is simply hostel style accommodation that reduces costs for its guests by offering minimal amenities. Their branding efforts have been incredibly successful, as the range of cleverly designed adverts went viral in 2013 leading them to publish a book compiling them.

The brave adverts were a calculated risk for the hotel and could have caused a serious fall in trade and guests if audiences did not respond to the comedy behind them but are a brilliant example of intelligent branding. Business looking for ways to market and brand their services may not want to make such a risky move as Hans Brinker, but should be aware of the powerful effects concise and consistent branding has when wanting to increase custom.

About the author: Beth Stubbings is fully aware of how powerful branding is in any industry. For more business news and advice, she would recommend New Business to those looking for ways to improve their companies and become sucessful.
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