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Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to negotiate for a used car

Negotiate with knowledge about the vehicle's price and model
Know the vehcicle you negotiate about
By Lindsey Patterson

When looking to buy a car, many realize that they cannot afford a new model unless they want to waste their entire paycheck on payments. Fortunately, a consumer can buy a pre-owned car and find an amazing deal. Of course, some unscrupulous sellers will try to take advantage of an unprepared used vehicle buyer. This will not happen if a consumer studies the car model and knows how to negotiate properly. With this in mind, here are the top 3 ways to negotiate when buying a used car.

Know the model in and out: Before heading to the dealer or private party transaction, one should understand the make and model fully. With the make, model number and year, a buyer can research and access plenty of information online. For starters, one should look for any manufacturer recalls. While in itself not bad, it is something to look out for as it may be a tale of things to come with the model.

Secondly, a potential buyer should know about any long-term costs associated with the car. For example, if the vehicle is nearing 100,000 miles, a potential buyer should look at any maintenance costs. Finally, while not the biggest expense, one should understand how much it will cost to insure the automobile. Remember, whether looking for CTP insurance or another solution, one must understand the costs beforehand.

Walk around the car and check it out thoroughly: Sadly, in excitement, some people do not take time to look over the vehicle and look for any issues. To get started, a potential buyer should look at the interior and look for any rips, stains or other obvious problems. Now, if it is an old model, one should not expect perfection, but it is still something to inspect. Then, after looking at the inside, one should look under the hood and look for any leaks or other problems. After all this, a person should take it on a quick test drive and listen for any odd noises. At the same time, a motorist should go with his or her gut and make sure the vehicle feels right.
Be aware of sales tactics and techniques
Bring cash or be ready to go to the bank: Now, many car sellers bore of dealing with unreliable customers who seemingly have an interest in the car but walk away at the last-minute. Of course, it is now wise to flash a bunch of cash right away as some people may exploit the buyer. However, when willing to pay, one can offer a lower price. Simply put, when talking to a seller who wants $4,5000 for a pre-owned car, a buyer with $4,200 who has the cash in hand will excite the seller and will often have a great chance to close the deal and get an incredible price on a used automobile.

With these three simple tips, a consumer can prepare for the process and get a great deal on a used car. Remember, with persistence and a lot of research, one can get a fair price on a pre-owned vehicle.

About the authorLindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and the latest social trends, specifically involving the auto industry.

Image license: 1. Thomas R. Machnitzki, GFDL, 2.  Laitr Keiows; CC BY-SA 3.0