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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The top money-saving tools online

Online tools and mobile apps help consumers control  their finances
By Nick Dunin

The internet has many uses that go beyond learning and communication. If you are well versed with the web and if you are technically minded, then there are tons of ways you can make money and set up incredibly businesses online and even if you're not there are lots of money saving tools.

In fact, the web is now so ubiquitous that for the most part it can help you to solve almost any problem. Here we will look at some of the best tools available online that anyone can use, to help you save cash and live more comfortably.

Cash-back websites  

Cash-back websites include sites like 'Quidco' and offer to not just save you money but actually pay you money for every purchase you make. By following a link they provide, you can buy from a whole range of things online and then get money back for your hard work. So how does it work? Simple: the websites get commission for referring you as a customer to another website which will usually be somewhere to the tune of 30%. They then encourage people to buy through their links by offering to share that commission, thereby earning you more money back on your purchases.

Comparison websites

Comparison websites allow you to quickly compare the prices of various services in one place. If you were thinking of taking out care insurance then for example, you might first head on over to a to a price-comparison website in order to find out how much all the various providers were charging. These sites work particularly well because they will normally ask you to input your personal details first - meaning that the prices they compare are those tailored to your specific circumstances and requirements.
Paperless billing helps organize financial records

Paperless billing

Paperless billing is great for the environment of course because it means you aren't going to be wasting reams of paper. At the same time, it's also good for your organization because it allows you to have access to all of your bills and documents online rather than having to sort through tons of paper files (and store them somewhere). Best of all though, it's also often good for your wallet because it will often give you access to considerable discounts - it's easier for those companies to work without paper documents so they offer lower rates as incentives. So, going paperless is good for you, them and the environment. Do it!


Amazon and eBay can save you money of course by letting you sell your old things but even better is how much more cheaply you can buy a lot of your things by going online. For instance, if you are planning on buying a book or DVD, then getting it from Amazon's used and new section will often mean you don't pay more than a couple of dollars. eBay is also great for important things like gadgets from abroad which can often get you great deals.

Group buys

If there's something you want but can't afford, then the web might just offer you one more option - that being a group buy. Find a forum or somewhere else where lots of people discuss a particular niche or hobby, then just ask if they want to club together for a group buy from a wholesale site. This way you put in an order for a bulk lot and thereby receive a considerable discount and just share those items between you when they arrive.

Voucher sites

Voucher sites discount group buying
Voucher sites are a great way to enjoy the activities and hobbies you love without spending a fortune. These sites, which include businesses such as Groupon, work by providing vouchers for a range of activities, restaurants and more in order to help promote those businesses. Of course you needn't worry about the promotion - you just get to benefit from the impressive discounts and enjoy things that would otherwise potentially be too expensive.


This one's a long shot but if you have the patience and the time, there are a huge range of competitions available online that you can use to get free merchandise and cash prizes. You have to be in it to win it and thanks to the web it's surprisingly quick and easy to enter yourself into a ton of separate draws.

About the author: The Author of this post, Nick Dunin, maintains a finance blog and works at Debt Consolidation as a financial advisor. He provides advice to many who are stuck with debt repayment and also blog about his views and opinions on debt/loan issues.

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