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Friday, January 10, 2014

3 great apps to master the stock market

Stock market apps make trading on the go possible
Stock market apps facilitate mobile  trading and analysis

With the incredibly low interest rates now available on most forms of investment, taking your chances on the stock market to gain a bit more profit on your money is not a bad idea. Although the market has not completely bounced back from the Great Recession of the last few years, it has begun slowly growing again and subsequently offering investors many interesting stock options for investment.

If anything, investing in the stock market might even be a bit safer thanks to new government regulations on businesses and banks along with the generally more conservative financial climate worldwide. Not only is the playing field just a bit more even, but the tools available to consumers wishing to bring their luck to the stock market have also advanced significantly. Now you can find thousands of mobile apps to compliment your stock research and maintenance, allowing you to stay on top of your investments with just a few taps to your always-handy cell phone. What apps should every stock market investor have?

Stock Guru by Value Prime 

Stock market apps help evaluate investment risk level
Stock ratings and valuation tools help with financial decisions
Stock Guru is a must have for non-expert level stock market investors looking to understand the market and keep tabs on all of its most important elements and trends. It helps you rate over 6,700 stocks based on risk, valuation, strength, and momentum from many counter stocks including NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. Each listed stock shows you a guru rating, valuation rating, financial strength, momentum rating, stock screening, comprehensive financial data, risk score, risk percentile, risk return chart, sharpe ratio, sharpe percentile, risk volatility comparisons, and key stock data to help you make the best informed decision concerning your investments. All bundled into a user-friendly package, this app is one of the best available to give you all the knowledge you need to invest in the stock market.

CNBC by NBC Universal, Inc.

If the price tag of Stock Guru is a bit more than you are looking to spend, the CNBC for iPad app is a great alternative. This app allows you to monitor live stock quotes and charts while researching stock histories through interactive charts. You can bookmark your preferred stocks get alerts for any important stock market changes or announcements. If the market is closed, this app will keep you busy by posting pre-market and post-market data to analyze. All of this is complemented by over 150 news clips regularly offered by CNBC in an easy to use interface. Don’t hesitate to try out this app today.

Stockwatch by Toughturtle LLC

Unlike Stock Guru and CNBC, Stockwatch is a mobile app that is essential for those of you who already manage multiple stock investments. With this app, you can easily keep track of your investments by creating a limitless number of portfolios and watchlists. It has news feeds and technical charts to map what is happening to your stock while constantly updating every stock’s price, gain, cost, and value. Even better, it can be used to watch stocks not only in the U.S. but also Europe and Asia. Stockwatch is a rather fun app to use, with easy to understand pages and a navigable layout. If you already own stocks, you should definitely invest in Stockwatch.

The stock market is, by nature, full of risk. Taking advantage of all the tools available to you today to understand the market and make smart investments, however, makes it less a game of risk and more a game of strategy. Get some of these apps today to manage your stocks on the go. For more suggestions, see AppAdvice.

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