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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 ways to build buzz around your products by using them as event decor

By Kenneth Fabian
Here is how the average small or medium sized business on a budget displays its products at events: By usually stacking them on a display table and then adding little samples into the takeaway bags for guests. 

Do not be that average business. Out of the box events management teams will tell you such an event is boring. It is exactly what your guests expect, because they have been to countless other product launches just like yours. And as a result, as some surveys showed for 2010, nearly half of the surveyed customers were unable to remember a single product launch. To make an indelible mark on your potential clients you will need to grab their attention - and one way of doing so is by being different from the rest of the competition from the word go!

Marketing via product placement helps businesses position their brands
Innovative product placement differentiates brands
So, why not give your guests an event to remember? Use your unique products in unusual, creative ways and give your guests an equally unique launch. Be subtle or obvious about it, but by all means be different! The more innovative you are, the more points you get in terms of how memorable your event is. And a memorable product launch does not always have to turn out into an expensive one. You can work with what you have, the space you have available to you, and your great products to come up with some unique decor ideas. 

Here are some ways to get you started with using your products as creative decor at your event. 

1. Design a unique centerpiece

Use a table as a centerpiece and show off your product with novel arrangements. Use some great lighting to focus the attention of the entire room on the centerpiece. There is a lot you can do with what you already have. 

2. Use them in chandeliers or lighting

Why not hang your products from the ceiling? It is hard to have the attention drawn away from something that is strung overhead, especially if you have suitable lights to light it up. The lights will help to brighten the room while keeping the focus of the room on your products dangling in mid air

3. Create a backdrop with them

If your products come in boxes, you can stack them up to create an accent wall or a backdrop. You can achieve great impact by going for ceiling high stacks that will draw every eye to them. Again, use lights effectively to focus attention on them.

4. Turn them in to furniture

Create a table out of your product boxes. Or get creative and design a chair. If you have the space, go large scale and create a bar space out of them. 

These decor ideas do not necessarily mean that you stop preparing samples, especially if you are in the food industry. But turn your product launch into an event (with the help of an events agency if necessary), in the way big brands like Apple do, and you are bound to stick in the memories of guests and convert many of them to customers. 

About the author: Kenneth Fabian, Founder & Owner of OGL Asia - a brand activation company specialising in Events, Exhibition and Design Communications since 1989. With 27 years of experience, Kenneth was able to gather the right contacts, strategies and resources to ensure an effective brand engagement.

Image license: Henripontes, CC BY-SA 3.0