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Monday, January 27, 2014

Employment law: How do I make sure my company is acting correctly and fairly?

By Amy Rice

Employers protect themselves with business liability insurance
Properly drafted contracts detail employee benefits
Any modern organisation has the responsibility to its employees, customers, and reputation to be both fair and reasonable. In fact it’s important that you ensure that your company’s human resources department is operating at its absolute best. 

It’s advised that you seek the counsel of an experienced solicitor with expertise in HR (Peter Holt HR is one such example). That way you will be secure in the knowledge that you’ve received the best possible advice. This will enable you to remain focused on developing a successful business.

Opening a new business – Things every new business should understand

When considering or starting the process of opening a new company, it’s vital that you get things right from the beginning. If you will be employing staff members, then you must ensure that all paperwork and contracts are properly drafted. Also be sure to perform any necessary background checks on new staff members. If your company will be hiring new staff from abroad, then it’s necessary that you're well advised in immigration employment regulations. Not complying with the necessary immigration guidelines can result in damaging penalties.

Monitoring safety and health – Are you doing your best?

Every business has the responsibility to keep their employees safe at all times. If you haven’t already done so, seek advice from a knowledgeable solicitor to ensure that your business is up-to-date on all required guidelines. Keeping in close contact with a legal expert can give you confidence that you’ve done everything possible to maintain a safe working environment. It’s vital that you select the best possible solicitor for your business needs.

When the unexpected occurs – Ensuring your organisation’s reputation

Working with others can be a challenge. When a staff member is not performing as desired or has indulged in bad workplace behavior, the issue should be promptly addressed. When dealing with your staff, sensitivity and care should always be taken. Not dealing with the situation tactfully can lead to potential negative effects on your business. In these cases consulting with an expert solicitor can keep you best advised on what disciplinary employment procedures to follow.

When it’s time to restructure – Restructuring with integrity

When financial times become difficult you may need to consider restructuring your organization to meet current needs. While not an easy thing to do, it can often be the best thing you can do for your business and your staff. This is true no matter the size of your business, from the smallest to the largest company; removing redundancies must be handled in accordance with given regulations and guidelines. When you are considering a restructure of any kind, a qualified solicitor can guide you through the process.

Business marketing done right – Keeping your clients privacy secured

Coming up with new and creative marketing is vital to attract potential clients to any business. Keep in mind, that if you are planning any new marketing campaign you need to consider some things from a legal standpoint. One of the many things people don’t think about is data management. Any organization has the responsibility to keep any data gathered both safe and secure. When we talk of data we mean any information that you gather about your clients. This can include email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details. Not keeping your customers financial and personal data secure can actually be a violation of prescribed business guidelines. In fact, your business is required by law to ensure that any client information is kept confidential at all times.

About the author: Amy Rice enjoys writing articles on employment law, when not writing I enjoy spending time with my daughter and playing adventure golf.

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