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Friday, January 31, 2014

Four strategies for success in the expanding construction sector

Construction site security is a key aspect of company reputation
As demand increases, construction firms seek productivity
Recent figures from the U.S. construction industry indicate that this sector's recovery is well underway. The U.S. Department of Labor recently posted statistical figures for October 2013 that showed spending up nearly a full percent for the month, an impressive showing for the beleaguered residential and commercial construction sector. 

As the demand for residential and commercial building projects continues to increase, many construction firms are looking for ways to boost productivity and reduce costs to snag a larger percentage of currently available opportunities. Here are four tips for streamlining your workflows and processes in the construction field.

Maintain security

Protecting your construction site against intruders, vandals and thieves is a critical element in ensuring optimal productivity. Maintaining the same attention to detail and careful monitoring can produce solid results for your computer systems, as well. Loss of equipment and materials can be financially damaging to your company. The loss of sensitive company data, customer files and proprietary information, however, can result in far greater liability and may cause lasting damage to your corporate reputation. Implementing physical and computer security measures can help you protect your valuable property to promote future growth and profitability.

Simplify your supply chain

By limiting your suppliers to one or two trusted vendors, you can establish a closer working relationship with these firms. This can help you create mutually beneficial partnerships that can boost your company's profitability. By paring down outsized and outdated supply chain arrangements and opting for a more streamlined solution, you can often build synergy with your chosen vendors and can enjoy the benefits of partnership in managing your supply chain requirements.

Make use of available technologies

With an established record of success in the retail marketplace, modern RFID devices make it simple to track inventory and to locate the precise parts or materials needed for a particular task. By integrating these electronic devices into your warehousing or storage facility, you can manage a number of critical tasks more effectively:

• You can track supplies of the most-needed items for your construction firm to simplify the reordering process.
• You can identify areas where inventory losses are occurring to improve security in those areas.
• Tracking of individual high-value items can allow evaluation of their fail rate and durability in comparison to other brands or configurations

In combination with an advanced construction software system, RFID technologies can provide added tracking capabilities for your company's needs.

Software-as-a-service systems from Procore Technologies, Pivotal and others can deliver improved access and collaboration for projects, contract negotiations and bidding proposals in the construction field. These comprehensive computing tools can provide integrated support for project management tasks in the working environment. Typical features include the following:

• Document management and storage, including contract and RFI management
• Drawing and design management
• Punch lists, photo archives, logs and daily schedules
• Communications tools, including email and direct messaging
• Timecard management tools
• Reporting features

By adopting these strategies to boost overall productivity and increase flexibility on the worksite, modern construction companies can position themselves favorably to enjoy added profits and increased opportunities in today's expanding business marketplace.

About the author: Robert is a writer with expertise in industries like construction, manufacturing and engineering. He is glad to report the uptick in the construction business, and hopes the strategies provided here prove helpful as firms vie for a place in this competitive but recovering industry.

License:  Loozrboy, CC BY-SA 2.0


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