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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Save a bundle on Valentine's Day with DIY crafts

Valentine's Day can be a little less commerical with gifts from the heart
DIY Valentine's Day crafts make love sweeter
This year, consider skipping the crowds at the jewelers and the line at the chocolaterie and opting for a do it yourself approach to the holiday. Everyone on your list of loved ones will appreciate the personal touch of a handmade Valentine, and you will be able to impress even your craftiest and most stylish friends and family with a homemade card and sweet treat that is sure to please.

One of the most spendy and commercialised holidays, Valentine's Day in general draws forth the spending abilities of most everyone who desires to wow and gratify their loved ones and special friends. Koala Payday Loans could give you the financial boost you need to make this possible. However, if you are on a budget and don't fancy breaking free of it so early on in the year, you'll want to consider going your own way for Valentine's Day and spending a fraction of the cost that you might have otherwise put towards overpriced cut flowers, expensive diamond jewelry, or pricey boxes of chocolates. You need only spend a few hours time and effort to assemble and distribute unique, one of a kind Valentines and gifts to your friends and family, as long as you have a doable and concrete inspiration to start from. 

Make your own Valentine's cards

Valentine's Day cards don't have to be purchased
Valentine's Day cards say messages of the heart your way
With just a few basic supplies including paper, pens, scissors, glue, string or ribbon, and envelopes, you will have all of the necessary provisions to make stunning Valentine's day cards. Check out a few inspiring possibilities here at Etsy and also here for a pixelated pop up Valentine that looks like a million pounds but is simple and free to make, with just a little time and crafty inclination.

Another way that you can save big on Valentine's day is on postage. With so many paper and pen Valentines going through the Royal Mail, it is one of the biggest times of year for parcels and post, but when you are on a strict budget, the costs of shipping out a heap of Valentine's Day cards can be overwhelming. If this becomes a challenge, consider send e-Valentines instead. While these virtual cards will go to people’s email addresses instead of their post boxes, they can make up for what they lack in physicality and the visceral factor by their interactivity. Additionally, sending e-cards fits in well with the ethic of reduce, reuse, and recycle by cutting down on paper used, reducing commercial consumption by coming at no cost, and saves the time and effort you would have spent queued up at the post office. 

Saving on Valentine's  Day with your children

If you have children in grade school, they may be expected to bring a Valentine's card for every other peer in their classroom or bring a few gifts for a celebration during school. You will want to encourage your child to bring a handful of handmade cards of their own creation rather than purchasing pricey Valentine's out at the shops. That way, your child can personalise their greeting with sweeties, pictures and text of their own choosing. Plus, you won't be stuck shelling out the pounds for a card that will likely just get thrown away in no time anyway. 

Many do it yourself Valentine's cards are simple and fast enough for children to do, with a little assistance and the cutting skills of a parent. In addition, if your child enjoys artistic and creative projects involving paper, glitter and glue, you can turn the task into a fun and special time that you spend bonding with your child before the big holiday. And their friends are bound to be impressed with cards that they made themselves from scratch. 

Image licenses: R. Neil Marshman, GFDL, CC BY-SA 3.0, "Sean and Lauren" CC BY 2.0