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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Simple tips to manage your best online branding

Online branding techniques include artistic presentation
Online branding focuses awareness
By Daniel Mathews

Most startup entrepreneurs do a great job in branding their businesses, and the internet is literally overflowing with catchy, trendy brand names and domains.

For most online startups, the first quarter or the first year is booming, and for business owners, it may feel like they’ve hit the jackpot for the rest of their lives. However, the real challenge is how a business maintains its online branding. Being successful for the first year is good, for the next three years, that’s even better. Do you want to be a trend that dies within couples weeks or months, or do you want to grow like the great brands?

Maintain online branding

Most people who sees a particular store and an advertisement offline or along the road, often searches first for online presence. Make sure that if they search for your brand online, they get to the right website. Try using Google and search for your brand; does it give your website on the top results? Does it lead to a homepage that makes them want to know more about your business? You may have a catchy brand name, but if people cannot find your business online, you lose potential clients. Make sure they get to right page and they stay on it long enough to get a good impression of your products and services.
Internet marketing involves multi-media brand building strategy
Online branding optimizes social computing to improve ROI

Update on social networks

Online communications are an essential part of Internet brand building
Social networks are ideal for marketing outreach
Do not underestimate the power of social networks for online branding. Make sure your Twitter or Facebook page is constantly updated with your newest products or any eye-catching advertisements.

Tweet about upcoming sales. Post great images of your products to targeted audience in Facebook. Don’t let your social network profiles become stagnant for more than a week, so that at least your fans or followers will know that your brand is still alive and is up to the trends.

Let your customers say it

Reviews are better said by customers rather than your own voice. Avoid sharing positive reviews by your customer’s using your own profile. Let your customer post what they have to say about your products. If they turn out to be positive reviews, that’s good. If it’s negative, respond appropriately and take action. This way, other customers or visitors on your page will know that it’s not an exaggerated publicity stunt. If you fix a problem and people read about it, that’s even better customer service.


Assuming that having a great brand name will do the rest of the work forever is the first mistake. Most entrepreneurs think that having a great brand name will do the rest of the work. Remember, it’s not like decades ago where people who have huge capital are the only ones who can advertise. Nowadays, anyone can create their brand name, domain and website, setup their home business and advertise online at minimal costs. The major difference of successful online brands is how hard they work to advertise their business on targeted audience to get more quality leads and conversions. Don’t slack off after having a great startup month. Be consistent, keep your blog posts and tweets coming, keep your Facebook page updated.


Tackle negative public relations with positive branding
End-of-month product specials re-position brands

Let’s admit it’s hard to maintain consistency of brand performance online. Businesses can always update their social network pages but it’s difficult to have loyal customers who won’t jump off to the next trend or the newest brand that goes out.

If your products have consistent quality, but don’t keep up to what people need or want, then it’s hard to grow your online sales. One technique to overcome this is to send outbursts. Post surprise month-end sale prices that rival your counterparts, or continually evolve your product with new models, updates, or newer versions.

With these tips, don’t go stagnant on online brand management. Like in any business that advertises itself constantly on paper, maximize every opportunity to increase online leads and sales by maintaining your online brand presence.

About the author: Daniel Mathews is a representative of Hotelscan.com. Hotelscan.com helps to find the best hotels in Cancun.

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