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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The great ways to give to charity without getting into more debt

Fundraising for a charity only costs time
Chartiable giving doesn't have to cost money
I've talked about a few ways people can give to charity without handing over any of their own money, because even if they don't have much they can still help out.

Donating to charity doesn't always mean giving away money you don't have. I know some people are struggling for money at the moment, but there are still lots of ways you can help those less fortunate.

If you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge you have a lot more than some people. I'm sure you'll feel great helping them out, so take a look at a few ways you can play your part without getting into even more debt.

Change your credit card

Do you spend a lot of money on your credit card at the moment? A lot of people love paying for things by card because of the incentives involved. You can use a special credit card that rewards you for everything you spend, but instead of saving up points or air miles your rewards will be given to a charity instead. You won't need to give anything away out of your own pocket and you won't lose any money as long as you remember to pay off your card at the end of every month.

Volunteer your time

Even if you don't have a lot of money you always have the option of volunteering your time. We all have the same 24hrs in the day and you can choose to give a little of yours up to help others. You could spend some time with old people who don't have any family to keep them company. Maybe you could join a project that involves building homes for those who don't have anywhere to live. Take a look around and you'll find some opportunities in your local area.

Start giving blood

When someone is involved in an accident they might need blood to survive. We rely on people like you to give a little so there is always some in reserve. You don't actually give much away and if you're healthy it won't affect you, but it will eventually save a life. You can also give away plasma on its own and the blood will be returned to your body once the plasma and platelets are removed. This is a great option for anyone who isn't scared of a little needle.

Attempt to raise money

Charitable giving includes volunteering sponsored time
Group fundraising tends to raise more
Charities get a lot of their money when volunteers go out and raise some for a particular cause. You could take part in a race and everyone you know could give you a little money.

This might not seem like much when you look at the money each individual person raises, but if there are hundreds of people raising money for the same cause it adds up.

With these types of events you usually have to do something physical and everyone else will supply the money.

Donate your possessions

If you were to hold onto everything you've ever bought you would need a mansion to store it all. At some point in the future you'll decide to throw out a few of your possessions and when that time comes you should donate them to charity. Just because you don't want a computer chair it doesn't mean it should be thrown away. What about the person who can't afford one of their own? Give your stuff away when you don't want it and I guarantee someone will treasure it.

Every little bit helps

Can you imagine how much lives would be saved if everyone just gave a little? Deciding to help should be an even easier decision to make now that you know you don't have to hand over any money from your wallet. Choose one of the things we've spoken about today and test it out so you know how good it makes you feel.

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