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Monday, January 20, 2014

Trends in the retail POS industry

By Ryan Sandler

While referring to retail POS trends for the upcoming year, be prepared that the consumer will continue to elicit a lot more control over the retail industry, developing an exclusive and extremely pleasing customer experience will be more essential than ever.

Just offering the most highly demanded items at affordable price ranges is not sufficient to improve, or perhaps fully satisfy, the customer base. So, what exactly is the major factor to customer experience and what reliable elements are required to interest the consumer of the future?

Business POS systems are less complicated than conventional ones
Mobile point of sale systems improve customer satisfaction
In 2013, the solution to this query can be best summed up under the umbrella of efficient performance. Above all, customers want their demands to be delivered in the most effective as well as user-friendly manner, and Counterpoint retail POS systems are appearing to be exceptional options to accomplish this key need. The most prevalent pattern that is taking up in 2013 is the inclusion of advanced-mobile options.

The days of waiting around in long queues during peak retail seasons are over. Realizing the need to adjust to the changing landscape of the qualified client-base, mobile POS systems are becoming a win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer. Not merely do smart-phone and tablet POS systems simplify service and improve customer satisfaction, this consumer-driven craze provides massive cost-savings in comparison to conventional cash register POS systems.

Furthermore, the touch screen elements provided by most of the retail POS appliances are a lot more user-friendly compared to conventional devices. Mobile POS systems don't need complicated settings or the necessity for a backup server. Most of the workers are handy with smart-phones and tablets. This not just saves your time from educating staff, but also provides self-service for customers - one more illustration of enhanced efficiency as well as differentiating worth in the storefront.

Another trend expected to strike the retail POS space in the coming year is the integration of a lot more loyalty programs as well as personalized marketing and advertising offers to interact with customers at every single phase of the purchase procedure from driving instinct consideration to the ultimate purchase. Loyalty programs have been getting momentum for the past few years and are currently becoming fully incorporated into on-site POS systems, both mobile as well as conventional. With customer loyalty software applications introducing in each and every kind of retail venue possible, cashiers can sign up customers within a couple of minutes, satisfying the simple and speedy transaction desired by customers while also reminding them of the added-value offered by the provider.

Customer relationship administration is further being met by means of personalized promotion. While custom-advertisements, like coupon codes based on past purchases on receipts, are provided for some time, new retail POS systems are now present that scan customers in purchase lines and then showcase digital promotion based on their age, gender and other purchase patterns. This revolutionary technology is certainly a great medium to improve customer experience and motivate instinct purchases.

2013 is the year of the customer experience. With a new era dominating the customer base, retailers will have to adjust their business by improving purchase efficacy and showing value beyond the primary items and/or services offered by using latest retail POS solutions. This estimated paradigm shift of personalized service and a more customized experience is something that is expected in the coming years in the retail arena.

About the author: This article was written by Ryan Sandler, a small business owner that enjoys writing in his free time.

Image license: Richard Tanzer Fotografie /Vero Pay; CC BY-SA 3.0